Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy 2 year Anniversery Quilt Dad

Through the wonderful circuit of flickr, I have met some pretty fabulous people. One of them being John of Quilt Dad. John is not only the first guy I ever met that can quilt and sew, but his work is extremely inspiring. I wanted to take a few minutes and invite you over to meet and visit with John to celebrate his 2nd year of blogging. Many generous vendors and crafters have teamed up together to help him celebrate with a GIANT prizapalooza giveaway. FIFTEEN PRIZES!!!

Stop by and enter, but be careful you might just get lost in the creativity that pours from john's blog.


  1. I LOVE the mini shopper notepad you made for Quilt Dad Anniversary Giveaway!
    I had a great time visiting your blog (O:

  2. Love those chickens in the photo, so adorable!!
    Happy Anniversary to Quilt Dad. He is very inspiring.

  3. hey, how come you didn't say that you are also one of those generous crafters?
    While i was going through the list only did I come across your lovely gift, a double thank you for the giveaway and the information!

  4. I had already been to John's Blog and saw your prize there. yes, I entered for the great prizes. I would be thrilled to win any of them.

    Thanks for sharing the goodness.

  5. Thanks for your generosity! ;)

  6. Thanks again for supporting my birthday party!!

  7. Thanks for the info and looks like gifts at Johns'!!

  8. I'll go over and check it out! I agree that he is inspiring, love his blog and projects - and how cool is that, a guy that quilts?!!


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