Wednesday, April 28, 2010


It's here.... Round #3 of the pillow talk swap. After sending this pillow to Wendy over in Alaska and receiving this pillow from Kerri, how could I resist another round. I have been struggling with how to organize my tasks to make everything happen more smoothly and less stressfully. Time management is a huge deal for me, however some days are unexpected occurrences. When people get sick, family needs you, and all things unrelated to what you really need to get done.

Being a person who enjoys many different things, I have been working on a way to incorporate them all into my day. I was very excited after talking with my friend Heather, about how she listens to the books she wants to read on her iPod. So after many grueling hours trying to figure out how audio books work and wiping the dust off my iPod, I started loading books into it. I got my first book free off a free trial website just to test it out and decided to just go ahead and read it. This is what I am listening to now. So far it's ok, I am not a fan of alien stories and this seems to be going in that direction, but I am going to see it through.
What a great time saver, now I can read the books I have been dying to read (like twilight) and still get work done at my sewing machine. Heather you're a life saver!!!!

Back to the point:: I am excited about the 3rd round of the pillow swap, and I have many ideas for a new pillow. I will be sure to share them with you when I begin. For now all I have is the mosaic here to show you my inspiration for this swap. Enjoy.


  1. Definitely recommending a subscription to!

  2. I just have to tell you I love the pillows.. I cosider myself a pillow whore :) Lots of them all around my house...

  3. Nice inspiration! I love the bag with the hexies! I am so excited to be part of the pillow swap this round!

  4. Too many beautiful pictures not to like each and every one! Although the circles sure are gnarley! LOL

    Being such a tactile person, I have to feel the book in my hands! That being said, I haven't gotten as many books read as I would like, but when I'm getting ready in the morning or in the car waiting on kids, there's always a book with me!

    Have a happy, wholesome, fun weekend!

  5. I love your mosiac, I'm so excited too!
    I'm planning on putting a pocket of some kind on the back of my pillow -

  6. I completely know what you mean about time management. I struggle with the same thing. I'm sure I could get much more done throughout the day if I was better at it.

    I need to get some more books on audio. I listened to twilight that way and LOVED it. Don't know why I stopped there.

    I'm so excited for round 3. Just too much fun to be had!! :)

  7. hmm books on the ipod would drown out the sound of crazy children...hehee


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