Friday, June 18, 2010

Tutorial :: Summer Sunglasses Case

Summer is here!! We need something cute, am I right??
While me and the hubby were out today having breakfast with little Sophia, I complained about how I was getting old and wrinkled from squinting in the sun. All in all this led to a trip over to get some new sunglasses this morning. It was nice to have the hubby there so that he could let me know what looked best on me.

After realizing that they probably wouldn't last long with my clutzy behavior, I decided to make a little case for them. So now Folks I give you my super quick tutorial for the Sunglasses case (terrible pictures I am so so sorry).

Piece of Heavy linen
Main Fabric
Lining Fabric
Elastic Band
Fusible fleece (heavy)
Craft Fuse (fusible)
Heat n bond

Here are the dimensions that you need to Cut::

Main Fabric :: 3.5 x 5: (times 2)
Lining Fabric :: 9" x 5" (times 2); 2.5" x 3" (only 1 piece)
Linen :: 6" x 5" (times 2) ; 2.5" x 3" (only 1 piece)
Fusible Heavy Fleece :: 9" x 5" (times 2)
Craft Fuse :: 2.5" x 3" (only 1 piece)

After you have cut out all of your pieces, line up your main piece and your linen piece to look like the set on the right of the photo below. You will fold the main piece over to meet the edge of the linen Right sides together as shown on the left of the photo below. Sew across the top a 1/4 inch seam

Do this two both sets, then open them up and press the seams open to look like the photo below

After you have pressed the seams open iron the combined piece to the fusible fleece. Be sure to follow the directions on your fleece as to what side applies to the fabric. This will prevent a sticky mess.

After you have adhered both pieces to the fleece now is the time to add your stitch detail.
I put a few back and forth lines where the seam meets but you can do whatever you would like, or nothing at all. Would also be a great place for a decorative stitch.

Decide what piece will be the front and what piece will be the back . Take your front piece and find the center lengthwise. Where your seams meet add your button to the center using your machine. If you need help on how to sew a button using just your sewing machine, please see my previous tutorial here.

Set the main pieces aside for now and grab the four smallest pieces. You should have four pieces each 2.5"x3" one in linen, one in your lining fabric, and two in the craft fuse. Face the shiny side up on the craft fuse and add your lining fabric on top of it with the right side facing up. Then iron, the craft fuse is fusible and will adhere to the fabric giving it stability. Do the same step with the linen and the other piece of craft fuse.

Next pin your elastic band to the top of the short side. See photo below. You need to sew a back and forth tight basting stitch to keep this band in place. Make sure that you attach it just like the picture with the part you will be wrapping around your button facing inward.

Now put the linen piece and the lining piece with the elastic band together right side facing each other, and fused side facing out.

See photo below; Start Where the foot is placed in the picture, Sew three sides only from black dot to dot in the picture leaving the top without the elastic band open

Your piece will look like this. Go ahead and clip the corners as you will be flipping this right side out and it could give you less bulk by clipping them.

After you have flipped this piece right side out again, iron open and then top stitch around the edges to give it a nice clean look.
 Now take the main piece that you have designated to be the back of the case and find the center. Put the piece you just created with the elastic band in the top center of your back piece like shown in the photo below. Apply a tight basting stitch to keep in place.

Now on the front piece, If you are wanting to add the applique detail as well. I fussy cut my picture, applied a heat and bond to the back, ironed it about one inch from each side then stitched it down with a simple straight stitch. Just make sure you add it to the same piece as the button.
Now this part is done.

Put the front piece and the back piece together right sides facing each other. the fleece side will be facing out towards you.

Now stitch from the left side to the right side all the way around leaving the top open where the flap is attached.

Now do the same with the lining only at the bottom leave a gap about 3 inches wide. So to explain further sew from the top right to the bottom. Then from the bottom right corner in about one inch then back stitch, Lift your needle and move it about one inch from the other side and continue stitching. Back stitch then continue towards the top left side leaving the very top open .

Now that I have confused you just see the picture below. In between the black dots there are no stitches. That part is left open for flipping right side out.

Now take the lining piece and flip it right side out.

You should now have two pieces that look just like this. (see photo below)

Now this might get a little tricky so pay close attention . Open up both pieces at the top. Take your lining piece and insert into the main piece. Your main piece will still be shown right sides in and your lining pieces with right sides out (this is correct)
Pin the seams together matching up the edges of the fabric.
Now sew a 1/4 in seam around the top connecting the two pieces.

Now reach in the tube and pull out the lining. The lining will now show inside out. The end of the lining piece will have the gap you left open for flipping.  reach your hand through the hole all the way to the bottom of the main piece. Grab the bottom and pull upwards towards the opening.

Now your piece should look like the photo below.

Make sure that you use a ruler or a pencil of some sort to push out all of your corners.

** Tip: I like to round my corners when sewing instead of just pointing them, I think it looks cleaner in the end.

Take the end of the lining and match up the seams sewing along the edge to close the gap (this is not a 1/4 inch seam it's as close as you can get it to the edge catching all layers)

Now push the lining inside of the main print making sure that corners meet and the lining fits snugly. Then you can iron the seam and top stitch it or leave it be. After putting the lining in your flap that was made will also pop out and come over the top to enclose your sunglasses in the case with a button closure.

That's it, YOUR FINISHED. Now go sport your sunglasses in some serious style!!

This tutorial is for personal use only, please do not sell items made from my personal tutorials.
Thank you

If you make one I would love to see it. Please post your photos in my flickr sharing pool here
** ADDED**
For those of you who are curious . I get my linen here The one I like most is the Judy linen.
I get my buttons here, and I get most of my interfacing at my local Joann's. Craft fuse has the number 808 on the bolt.


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