Saturday, September 19, 2009

With full intention...

So after work today at my regular job, yes I also have a part time Job and this is my first week back after 3 weeks off for vacation. Anyway I got home and Dad had decided on a phone. We were headed over to Best buy to buy our new palm pre phones. YAY. After much deliberating that was the phone I wanted as well.
Most of it was riding on news about the service on AT&T. Supposedly they are known for bad customer service and dropping calls. The Palm Pre was serviced with Sprint, had a few things that iPhone did not.
For instance:: The Palm Pree can open more then one app at the same time. The size is slightly smaller and more compact, not to mention it was 150 dollars cheaper with the same contract.

We walked in to best buy, admired the phone section for a few minutes, then saw the palm pre. YUK!! I hated it, the way it looked the way it felt. I hate the way the keypad is the phone so small and looks like I would get frustrated using it. I loved that phone online but seeing it in real life just didn't do anything for me at all..

So I bet you know what we did next.... Yup! We went to see the iPhone. We both could not stop playing with it. Seriously the phone ROCKS. We ended up waling out of the store with 2 new iPhones, excited that we had made a great purchase.
Mr. Sew Fantastic is sacrificing sleep already to play with his, and I am super stoked that I can have my etsy business on the go all the time now, not to mention so many other perks.
I should also add that Best buy messed up our phone number transfer as well, so we had to call AT&T when we got home to fix the problem. Our first experience with them was wonderful, they were very nice and very helpful to.
Thank you Mr. Sew Fantastic for my brand new iPhone... I love it

So when we had decided that iPhone was only the most picked because of it's popularity, boy were we wrong.

The Moral of this story is:: Bigger usually is better at least that was my husband says when it comes to electronics. :)



  1. I don't have one and don't know much....but my girlfriend has one....and it tells you where the nearest restroom kidding. It calculates paypal fees and all sorts of amazing things. I honestly think it probably has a quilt tutorial kidding...those things seem to do everything.


  2. I love my iPhone! So glad you went with that. Hubby and I both have one and just can't get enough. I have tons of apps. A couple you might be interested in are QuiltFab, Sit or Squat, The Weather Channel, Scrabble, MLB Lite (we are big baseball fans). I have tons more. But I advise doing a search in the app store, you never know what you might find!

  3. Glad you got the iphone! It is fabulous :) You have to get quiltfab and a tip calculator. Flixster, Pandora and Grocery IQ. The little ones love ABC animals, Animatch, and Bus. Have fun!

  4. Facebook, flashlight, clown nose, flixster, AAA discounts, Shazam, crackcode, iheartradio, tapword,the weather channel. all are free apps and fun to use. AAA is great because it takes your location and tells you wherever there are businesses that offer AAA discounts, if you have a card that is.

  5. I love my iPhone!! I think you made a great decision!


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