Friday, September 18, 2009

I-Phone VS Palm Pre :: HELP PLEASE

Left:: IPhone Right :: Palm Pre
PLEASE HELP ME. We are in the market for new phones this weekend. Mr Sew Fantastic is driving me crazy going back and fourth with 2 phones. Now the phones are quite similar I think it's the company he is having problems with Who knows.

Now I have to admit I am still in use of a simple razor phone with my cute little purple cover one it. Bottom line is I am ready to have access to my email as well as all the cool apps, I am ready to grow up Ha!
I told Mr. Sew Fantastic that I would ask all of you. I realize that the Palm Pre is a very new phone. It's supposed to be the closest thing to the I-phone you can get, however because it's new the phone is not as mature as the IPhone. The second would be I-phone (AT&T) or Palm Pre (SPRINT) company, how do they compare. So what do you all think? I know a lot of you have the I-phone, do you like it? What do you not like about it?


Thank you everyone for your input.... We are buying our new phone today (Saturday) I am stoked and I think we made the best choice for what we needed. Wanna know what were getting? You will have to check back ha!


  1. My inlaws have had nothing but problems with the Pre. Some of that is used error, but some of it is because the user interface isn't very intuitive. My husband and I both have G1's from tmobile (the google phone they are advertising) and we love them! But, between the Pre and the iPhone, I'd go iPhone, hands down!

  2. My friend Hobs, got one of the iphones, and I have to tell you....that thing is awesome. He has to travel out of town for medical reasons fairly often and ever since he purchased the phone, he leaves his laptop at home because... well.. that phone is pretty much a pocket computer. He has emailed me HUGE book long emails while in the waiting rooms from that phone... it's crazy. I'd go with the iphone

  3. iphone all the way. I was reluctant but can't imagine living without it. The only thing I don't like about it is that the camera isn't awesome and itunes makes you update the software a lot. Oh...the other problem, my kids always fight over it - they love it too.

  4. I don't have one But all my friends have The i phone and love it!! It is all to complacated for me.. When ever I get a new phone I hand it over to my teeagers and ask the how to use it..
    I still have issues with Texting..

  5. IPhone. I've had one for a couple of months and it is amazing. A phone is a phone but the IPhone is also Pandora radio (free), Iheartradio (free), Facebook, Maps, and a zillion other applications I haven't even explored. I haven't had any issues w/ the AT&T coverage. Rumor has it the IPhone will soon be available with other carriers. Good luck (get the IPhone).

  6. I have Verizon, so I can't speak for either, but i'd go with the iPhone and the ability to get apps. All those great apps are made to work with the iPhones and nothing else. So it's kind of a bummer not having access to those. I love the service I get with Verizon...but sometimes wish I had more options. I think we'll be moving to the iPhone next renewal. My brother, aunt and uncle all have the iPhones and love them.

  7. Oh yes, the iphone FOR SURE! I was the most reluctant person ever to get this phone and now I am one of those people who can't live without mine. It's kinda nutty but true. Since the pre is still new it doesn't have an easy interface yet. The iphone has pretty much worked out the bugs plus it's SO easy to get new apps and updates. It's super! The new one does have an awesome camera!

  8. I have an iPhone, and I love it, or at least I did before my daughter took it for a bath in the dog water bowl. I don't know about the palm but with the iPhone there is no insurance option - AT&T doesn't offer it, and Apples warranty only covers software. It would cost me $200 to fix the phone and that's just not possible. It works, but not as smoothly as it should. So if you tend to household accidents the way I am I might consider another option - or just be REALLY careful with where you keep it/treat it & who can get to it.

  9. my husband has the I phone and loves it...he even has an app for it that calculates how much fabric you need for quilting, backing and binding. So fun. Good luck making the choice

  10. Don't know that we have the other option here in Australia yet..but my son has the iPhone..and loves do heaps of my previously mentioned has all the fab apps available...and it such fun to use.
    No-one I spoke with has had any issues with it breaking/ not functioning properly.
    Best of luck with your decision.
    x PJ x


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