Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sunday Stash:: Random

This came in the mail today, some for orders, others are new things. I am working on a new pattern, but have not quite perfected it the way I visualize it in my head. I am sure that makes sense right?
I have not had the chance to really browse fabric much lately, and I know a ton of new stuff has been rolling out from many designers. Anyone know of any that I need to see?? Oh I need a fabric shopping day bad!
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  1. Love the owls, you can always come to my store!! if you need more!!

  2. Where did you get the owls and guitars? I must have them!

  3. Brice is feeling better today. Want to try for Wednesday? We'll hit up Holly Hills and Pine Needle. ...and maybe swing by Fabric Depot?

  4. I also must know where you got those owls!!!

  5. I got it here, no surprise thats where I get most my fabric now.


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