Thursday, May 7, 2009

A few Announcements

Just a few things really quick, I am working on a blog roll for the Kitchen swap. If you have not yet contacted your partner please do so. I have had a few people email me that they have not heard back yet. Please make this fun for everyone, and stay in contact with your partner.

On another note, I know a few of you ( Jane) that have new gran-babies or new little ones. Christina just told me about a cute giveaway over here. So go visit Liz the Giveaway Ends tonight so don't be late!!

Also, My Shop is having a sale today 20% off Read shop announcement for details.



  1. Thank you for the link love ;o)
    Do any of the Crayon wallets fit jumbo or the triangle size crayons?

  2. Thanks for thinking of me Terri, I went right over and entered!!!


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