Monday, May 11, 2009

Love my new scrap bins

I got these a few weeks ago, but I don't think I had the chance to share them with all of you. I got these ginger blossom baskets at Joann's of all places. Can you believe it? The other great thing besides the fact that they are HUGE, is they were half price. I paid about 7 dollars a basket. Got get some!!

I am now keeping my heap loads of scraps in them right now, and one is used for taking packages to the post office. I love all the compliments I get.

The new sewing machine has been a godsend. I have not had a bad sewing day since I got it. I think my next purchase will be a serger since I am making Sophie some clothes now. Anyone know of a good, inexpensive one?

I will leave you all with a picture from Sophie's first birthday. Hope everyone had a great mothers day, I sure did



  1. Terri, she is a doll. First birthdays are so great.

    Love the boxes.

  2. Love those bins, I have them too! What a little cutie! Happy birthday!

  3. If you are sewing clothing a serger is almost a must. You might check with your machine shops and see if they have a used one. A lot of folks are upgrading to the self threading ones and are turning in great used machines. I have a four thread Juki and have really loved it for years.

  4. My stepmom just bought a surger last year, and she researches things to death! I'm not overexagerating, either. Anyways, she found the best one and it was super cheap and from Joanns. I trust that it's a good machine, or she wouldn't have bought it. She's sewn for years and knows her stuff. My sister Andrea has sewn two dresses on it and it worked beautifully. I will ask her what it is and give you the name.

  5. How cute she is celebrating that first birthday...

    Love the baskets...

  6. OMG I love those baskets...gosh I wished we had a Joann's here in Oz...not fair!!! Can you see me pouting!!! Hugs Khris


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