Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kitchen Swap Sign-ups closed :: Return your applications please

I am sorry to inform everyone that I have to close this a tiny bit early. We currently have almost 40 entries for the swap and still have some that were not yet returned. This being my first swap, It has already been a lot of work.

If you have been sent an application to enter you may still send it back to join. Everyone is super excited about the Kitchen swap, and we have now also included a flicker group where people can share ideas, as well as pictures from what they receive.

If you have any questions regarding the swap at anytime, please email me at I will try to answer them as soon as possible.
Partners will be emailed to you no later then April 30th. Thank you to everyone who entered. Now lets do some swapping!!

I will be adding a list of name as soon as the applications finish coming in. If you have not yet grabbed this cool button that christina made for your blog page, please do. That's what she made it for.


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  1. Hi Terri, thanks so much for organizing this swap! I am so excited to receive my partner's information. I posted the button and blogged about this on my site and know for sure at least one person signed up who wouldn't have otherwise. So thanks to Christina for the great button, and to you for doing all the work so we can have all the fun!



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