Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday Featured Crafter Segment:: Codi Gauci

Hello. My name is Codi. I'm 23, and I've been crafty since forever. I grew up loving to crochet, I learned in 4-H, and would make beanies, scarves, baby blankets, anything I could think of. When my husband bought me a sewing machine I began teaching myself to quilt, and badly at first. Now I have a much larger space, a generous fabric stash, and some room to grow. I make quilts, aprons, purses, and whatever else looks like fun. I love the process, working with fabric is soothing. Well, except for the ironing when I've prewashed a load of fabrics. I do not recommend trying to iron a load of yardage, you will be done for a week.

Where can we find Codi::

The Q and the A::

SF:: How would you explain your type of Art?

CG:: I make what I would like to use, bright colors, bold prints, silly prints that are just fantstic in the "how will I ever use this" kind of way. I like to make things that are fun, sometimes silly. but functional and useable.

SF:: How are you crafting "GREEN"?

CG:: I am recycling always in my sewing room, any packaging that can't be reused is put into recycle. I save my scraps and use them, in loosly organised scrap drawers. I am looking for ways to reuse or repurpose clothing, and I've found a few fun things to do with old jeans that way. I have also recently acquired a treadle, which I am fixing up to be able sew with out electricity! I'm really excited about treadling, and being people-powered.

SF:: What makes your Art stand out?

CG:: It varies. Sometimes I will find a fabric, and need to use it for something. When I get an idea for something I've never tried before, it usually involves measuring 5 times, cutting and sewing, only to measure some more and try it again. Math is not my Forte. I love to just play with the fabric, so it doesn't bother me when somethings not right. That just means I get to do it again, or try it differently. I keep the wonky trials for myself, they're special to me, because I got to play.

SF:: What is your focus right now?
CG:: Mainly items I can list in my studio. I've been playing with earrings, which is new for me, and a bunch of keychains. The Keychains are really fun, and I really like that they come together so quickly. I want to start making journal covers once I have the keychains figured out.
I am also learning about being a seller, taking good pictures of my products, and getting my name out where people can see it. Its interesting when I try to price my items, I know what the materials cost, and the time spent, but will it sell at a profit? Things like that, that I think will come in time, are slowly coming in on the radar. I'm learning more all the time.

Thank you Codi for taking some time out for us here at Sew Fantastic. We look forward to many more new things to come from you and your crafts. Good luck on your trip to Europe next month as well. We all wish you a fun safe trip.
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  1. Great interview. It's always interesting to see what others are doing and where they started.

  2. It was really fun meeting with Codi. She makes nice things. Thanks for doing interviews like this.
    ~Tootles for now!

  3. great job! thanks for sharing!


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