Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Rainbow Hexadaisey mini quilt

 Pardon me while I run around the house screaming about how awesome this new mini quilt is........ (Ahhhhhhhh) In love is an understatement!.

I met this fantastic person at Sewing Summit last year, (Audrie from Blue is Bleu) Somehow we both got on the topic of swapping mini quilts with each other.. Well yadda yadda we did it!

Audrie made me this fantastic Dresden mini - 

I had to make her something just as cool of course.
  I perused online for something that I could feel challenged by. When coming across the Hexadaisey pattern by Beth of Pieced by Number I knew that was it! 
After that, I only struggled with two ideas.. Rainbow, or Neon! I decided the rainbow would be more fitting of the pattern.

The best way I could tackle this 42 piece pattern was to take it slow and try not to get frustrated  I had almost told myself there was no way I could do it. 
Lucky for me Beth's pattern was amazing! It included a coloring page, detailed instructions, different metric pieces for the pattern and a graph to downsize the block if you had the desire to make it smaller. (whew! Thank you Beth)

I found it easier for me to use a light-box and write on the back of each piece what color it should be, as well as print or solid. Being that paper pieces are backwards this helped quite a lot. I could also suggest using a window instead during the day so that you can see the lines on the backside through the paper.
There were quite a few pieces, but it came together so easily after I took the time to write on the back.

I would totally make this fun pattern again now that I know how Beth makes her patterns I would even recommend any of them for people with basic knowledge of paper piecing. She sells them for around $3.00 each on Etsy, and Craftsy

This mini is now on it's way to a new home with Audrie. I am so thrilled to give it to her.

Quilt Details 
Measures 24 x 24
Solids - Kona Cotton
Neutral White - Architextures  by Moda
Binding - Black and White Narrow Stripe by Timeless Treasures
Backing - Delight by Windam Fabrics.

Stay Creative!


  1. It's fabulous!. Those coloured pencil look so good too.
    Well done YOU!

  2. That is absolutley freakin beautiful. Love it!!!

  3. Pardon me while I pick my jaw up off the floor! Stunning!

  4. You are ridiculous and I love you for it!!! *HUGS* I'm SO thrilled with my mini, thank you!!! I can't wait to hug it and love it and stare at it :)

  5. Oh I love this mini, the fabrics you chose are perfect and the end result divine!

  6. Aaak! I love it. I love the use of Architextures on it! This is totally worthy of a ton of exclimation points!

  7. What a great pattern, so bright and modern! The background is perfect!! Great accomplishment ~

  8. Wonderful rendition, Terri! Thanks for the review. I went and bought the pattern!

  9. Awesome! Love the background fabric and the whole design!

  10. First off, those fabrics are to die for...and yes...that is an awesome mini quilt....What a wonderful piece to have on your wall.

  11. Incredible. Thanks for showing the process.

  12. Terri it is just perfection! Love everything about it, great job.

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  14. Terri, this is totally fabulous -- the fabric choices, workmanship, EVERYTHING!!! Your swap partner will be thrilled. And thank you for such a nice write up about my pattern and your process for developing and making the project - I do appreciate it :-) A wonderful post and final quilt!

    Piece By Number

  15. I actually enjoyed reading through this posting.Many thanks.
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  16. The Architextures is such a great background material for this little quilt. Absolutely stunning!

  17. That is amazing! Well done you!

  18. Wow, I love it! I am going to buy that pattern now and maybe I will make one too soon.

  19. Your rainbow hexidaisy is wonderful. I haven't done paper piecing in a while, this looks like one I will try.


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