Monday, February 25, 2013

Amy Ellis "Modern Basics II" Blog Hop

Hey Quilters! Thanks for stopping by to visit my take on Amy's new book "Modern Basics II". I was lucky enough to meet Amy at last years Sewing Summit event. She has a clear affection for quilting, and teaching others her wonderful techniques  When I first received a copy of this gorgeous book, I was drawn to the quilt on the cover "To the point".

I believe I was drawn to it first of all for it's simplistic modern feel, then for the awesome twisty design, and of course because I believe that any quilt done in kona solids is amazing! I am pretty sure this will be my first project from the book. I love the wait it looks twisted just by simply changing the color an rotating the block.

 If you have any experience with Amy's first book "Modern Basics" You already know the detail, and explanation she puts into every pattern.... If you have not seen her first book, Get it too!!  Amy makes it easy even for beginning quilters to go from point A to point B with ease. Helping you select exact yardage, cutting strips and then crosscutting into pieces saving sanity and fabric. Her explanations and terms are so easy and its a great support for those of you who have quilted for years, or even those just learning the ropes. This book definitely keeps you feeling like you know just whats going on. I am even more impressed with her new book then I was with her last!

I made Amy's "Tumbling Cubes" Pattern from her first book "Modern Basics", as well as her pattern "Knotted Squares". The ease of making everything into simple straight lines is something I loved, and also something she carried over into this book "Modern Basics II". The ability to "chain piece" an entire quilt with ease is something I look for in my modern patterns. YES! I love Chain Piecing,  (it's my favorite and that's your clue *wink*) To Explain:: I find many blocks that have to many pieces, or confusing piecing instructions to them. It just makes me more concerned on the outcome of my: cuts and of the block, weather it be straight or curvy. I tend to cut one at a time in order to be sure I am getting everything correct. I do not worry about this with Amy's patterns. It's simplistic, and straightforward. That makes chain piecing less worry-some for me. (I can't be the only one, right?) I feel confident cutting out an entire quilt and not feeling like I wasted fabric, at any time.

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