Monday, January 24, 2011

Storage fun!

It has been 3 weeks now in my new studio. I love how spacious this one feels to me compared to the first room I picked. The windows were great, but I love the floor and wall space much better.

I have been trying to find creative storage ideas for the new room, but make it look clean and fresh still.

So I took these.......

And put them in these way cool Aqua glass vases I got at Joann's fabrics yesterday. Retail price was about 29.99 each but they were getting rid of them for a steal at just under 8.00. My lucky day. The jars are about 14"tall.

One Jar holds 1 and 1/4" hexies, and the other are 1 inch. I randomly make hexies with scraps when I have some down time on the couch. This will now give me a place to keep them when I have a project in mind.

Plus, look who else has discovered how wonderful these are...  Dump and pick up, dump and pick up. Just like a hexagon piggy bank.

Happy Sewing!


  1. When I saw the pic on flickr hexies are exactly what came to mind! Great game for Sophie, too :)

  2. What a neat way to store your hexies!

  3. I love those jars! Were there any left? I'm excited to see how you make your hexies at the next Guild meeting. I've always been intimidated by them, but maybe I'll give them a try.

  4. What a great idea! And a great game too.

  5. I love the vases. Seems like I have tons of little glassware but all filled with buttons. My grandmother let me play with her button box while she sewed. I guess it makes me feel close to her since she has passed. I think the hexies look great in the vases. Looks like your little cutie likes them too.

  6. That is awesome, serves two to besutiful and on to keepl little hands busy!

  7. Great idea. I love the "hexagon piggy bank" game. Your little girl is getting so big, love her hair cut :)

  8. Good evening,
    I have a bunch of these done up somewhere too. So fun!

    Have a thoughtful Thursday. ~Natalie


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