Friday, January 21, 2011

Sierra's Forest Quilt

After spending a few months half finished on my design wall, this beauty was completed last night. I have many new ideas for quilts and I promised myself that if both design walls were being used, I had to finish one before I started another.

Pattern is Sierra's Forest by Kate Conklin
Fabric Inspiration :: Porcelina by Michele D'Amore for Marcus Brothers
Other fabrics added::  Moda Early bird Ovals, AMH Voile, Moda Crossweaves,  RK Kona cottons

Happy Quilting


  1. You are tough on yourself!!!! It does look pretty. Glad you made yourself stick to your rule!!!

  2. is that SUN i see??? dang you! haha ;)

    great quilt!


  3. Thank you everyone, Don't you just love the dead tree's :) although it makes a cool picture I think we will fit that this spring.

    /Yes Heather it's sun :) We don't get much winter in California

  4. I LOVE it -- especially the pic of it hanging in front on the pool. It has a sophisticated look to it. Outstanding!

  5. Too too cool Terri! I love the quilt.

  6. I love the simplicity of the colors and the pattern. It's not like other quilt patterns, but its own style and as above, sophisticated and modern. Just so pretty and natural hanging in the tree. You bring the outdoors in and that's a wonderful accomplishment. Thank you.

  7. Such pretty pictures. Love the quilt, a really fun design!

  8. I really like the pattern, especially the way you did the top and bottom rows. I love the colors you used. It looks great.

  9. thats lovely, I love the abstract design, totally off balance but right on top form, awesome x


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