Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tutorial:: Valentine Padded Zipper Pouches

It's here! Ready just in time to make for Valentines Day. Valentine Padded flat bottom zipper pouches. Perfect for that special someone, great for party favors, or just to make for you!
I have put together this tutorial directed to be easy enough for people who are just starting out into sewing.
There are 24 color photos that can be clicked on at any time to get a bigger more detailed view.
I hope everyone has as much fun making these as I did.

*This tutorial is for personal use only please*

::Supplies needed ::
2 small 4x4 squares of felt in 2 different colors
A Zipper foot for your machine
Thread, scissors, ruler, ect
water soluble pen
9" zipper
Fat eighth of 2 coordinating fabrics (main and lining)
Mid weight fusible fleece

::First steps::
Cut 2 rectangles measuring 8.5 x 7 inches from each of the fabrics. 2 From the main fabric, 2 from the lining fabric, and 2 from the fusible fleece. Following the directions of your fusible fleece, iron the wrong side of the lining fabric to the fusible fleece. (wrong side meaning the side without the print on it).
Now set that aside and pull out your pieces of crafters felt. In the desired size of your choice, cut 2 hearts. One large, and one just a little smaller.
Grab the main piece of fabric that you iron the fusible fleece to, and center the large heart right into the center of that piece.

Begin attaching the heart to your main fabric with a simple straight stitch. After your finished stack the smaller heart on top and sew around it like you did the larger heart. (see photo)

Now take the front side of the zipper (the side with the pulley to zip it up) and turn it face down onto the right side of the piece you just sewed the felt heart to. Make sure to center it onto your main piece. This is the front of your zipper pouch. Try to keep in unzipped a few inches at first, this will make it easier to get your stitch started.

Now sew 1/4 inch all the way down along the edge of the zipper. Please keep in mind that sometimes the clasp of the zipper may get in your way. Just put your needle in the down position to hold the fabric, and reach your hand underneath the fabric to slide the zipper from the part you are not working on. This takes a little getting used to at first.

Now see the photo above. If you pull the fabric and the zipper in opposite directions it looks like the photo. The side with the pins in it will be attached to your backing piece.

Meet the fabrics rights sides together making sure to match the edges carefully. Then attach the zipper to the backing piece in the same manor as the first.
When you are finished the pouch should look like the photo below when opened up.

Now meet the two rights sides back together to find the back side of your zipper. This is the side we will be attaching the lining piece of fabric to.
Make sure you pin in place to keep edges matching the main pieces as well.

Now sew a 1/4 inch seam along the zipper, remembering to keep your needle in a downward position to move the zipper out of your way when needed.

Now the back should look just like the front. (see photo below)

Open the pouch up so that you have a lining fabric and a main fabric on each side of the zipper. I like to sew a 1/4 inch seam down the line of the zipper on the outside going through all the layers. This give it a more appealing and finished look I think. This step is optional.

OPEN YOUR ZIPPER 3/4 ths of the way down
If you  forget this step it will get very frusterating trying to turn your pouch right side out in the end.

With the zipper open. Meet the two main fabrics with right sides together, and the 2 lining fabrics right sides together. Make sure to match up the zipper seams on each side before pinning in place.

Now sew along the edges of the pouch all the way around leaving a open seam in the lining fabric big enough to fit your hand through. This will be needed to flip the pouch at the end.
I usually hand wheel the machine over the zipper part just in case I hit something, but usually I do not. This is a preference of course. It will be an important step if your zipper is not completely centered.

Now with a ruler mark out 1 x 1 inch squares with a marker in each corner of the pouch. Lining side included. Flip it over and repeat this step on the back of the pouch as well.
(see photo below)

Now by putting our hand into the inside of the pouch you can open the fabric up and split the two layers from each other. Match the corners of the squares that you just drew to form a triangle at the end of the pouch (see photo)

Pin that into place then head to the machine again and sew down that line that is already drawn there for you from the previous step.
Repeat this step for the main fabric side as well as the lining side.
After you have sewn them down you can cut off the ends of the squares.
This step is what makes the flat bottom part of the pouch. The drawing of the squares is to guarantee accuracy of the lines and size when the pouch is complete.
I tried to eyeball it one time, and it came out rather wonky.

To show both sides I have folded the pouch in half so you can see the way each side should look.
(see below)

Now here is the fun part..... Reach your hand through the opening left in the lining and grab the bottom of the other side. This will fold the pouch right side out.
Make sure to open up all the corners with your fingers or it helps to use a corner pushing tool as well.

Now the pouch should look like the photo below.

Grab the side with the lining. See that opening we left? Now we need to close it up.
Fold the fabric in along the opening then iron in place. The ironing helps to keep it from unraveling when your trying to sew the opening up.
Now you can stitch the opening as close to the edge as you can while catching both sides of the lining.

Now push the lining into the main piece and Violla!!

You have the perfect Valentines Day Pouch!

I hope everyone has fun making these cute little pouches, maybe put some valentines goodies, or sweettarts in them. The possiblities are only limited by you imagination.
Have fun with it.
As always please do not be afraid to ask questions.

If your not a sewer, but you love these I listed a few in the shop here!


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