Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thank you for a great year!!

Thank you again from the bottom of my crafty little heart! I had lots of fun putting this together for all of you. All the winners can thank my hubby, he was my helper today. Even though I have many more favorite things, I will have to say goodbye for now. I promise to bring you lots of cool stuff this year. I already feel like a new person, turning 30 in about 2 weeks and although I was scared, I am now very happy to embrace it.

So let's toast to a new year of Sew-Fantastic Goodness.
May you all enjoy every minute you spend here in my nonsense.
Please take some time to leave comments congratulating not only the winners, but the wonderful shops as well. They do visit us trust me. I hope you found a love for some new fantastic goodies as well.

I will see you all again.... very soon.


  1. Congrats to all of the winners...this certainly was a very fun giveaway, especially since I won.....(smiling from ear to ear). Thanks so much !!!

  2. That was definitely a fabulous giveaway! Congrats to all the lucky winners!! Here is to wishing you a wonderful 30th birthday. It gets better from here on in!

  3. this was awesome...thanks for the fun today...and congrats on the upcoming birthday too.

  4. It was fun!! And like Barb, really fun for me since I won! THANK YOU!!

    Your 30's will be fantastic!! You are wiser now than you have ever been in your life, and young enough to enjoy it! Treasure each moment!

  5. Best wishes for the upcoming year for you.

  6. Congrats once again to you AND to the winners! And I'm glad you're embracing the 30's - it really is a wonderful time of your life! Coming from an almost 50 year old!!

  7. Congratulations! This was such a great way to celebrate, and I am honored to be a part of it!

  8. Congratulations to all the winners. And much more success to you in the coming year!

  9. Terri, I am new to blogging and am still learning how to get around. You blog has been an inspiration to me and I love reading your posts. I think the ladies that won your favorite things to celebrate your birthday (or your blog's bday) are very special people and I know they are all well deserved. I hope to get to know you and your blog better this year! Thanks for all the inspirations on my blog as well! Steph

  10. Look how cute you are!! It seems as if I have known you for longer than a year! What a fun day and congrats. to all the winners!!

  11. I love your photo....absolutely beautiful!!! I found great freedom turning 30. I had gotten settled into my skin and decided I was good enough and threw my arms open and started living without worrying about what other people thought.

    You just walk right up and own your beautiful and creative self. Guaranteed to be a wonderful year.


  12. Good luck in the coming year. I look forward to your posts.


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