Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cut, Cut, cut :: Sneak Peak

Cutting, cutting, cutting. Feels like it will never end. The excitement to bring new prints to the shop keep me going. I am even bringing back a few old favorites as well. One of my favorite new prints, I have actually had for awhile but was inspired to make something with it after filling a custom order for a fabric junkie buddy.

As I sat today in the cafe with Sophia. I thought up a super cute new item for my shop to. I was going to head out tonight and gather supplies to really get crackin on it, but wouldn't you know that we had out first snowfall today.
Sophia was still with amazement as she watched the white flakes float down. This was the first time she has seen the snow.

Here is a little sneak peak on what is coming to the shop, I know not much of a clue (I have quite a few copycats who read the blog) but I hope that it turns out just the way I am thinking it. This was as far as I got for a few reasons. I am the kind of person that when making a pattern, I tend to measure according to my supplies i.e. for example I bought the notebook and crayons first, to measure my numbers to make my crayon wallets. (does that even make sense?)

I am super excited to be able to add touches of my favorite prints to the new items, as well as using my brand new circle cutter that I LOVE!!!!

The best part about this new product, is that when I introduce it, I am going to let all of you pick the name of it. More to come, I am going to sit at my machine and watch the snow fall.


  1. Hmmm, what are you making? Can't wait to see!! love the fabrics, but you know I always love your picks! I am so glad you like your snow, hey want ours!! LOL!

  2. Love that fabric...what exactly is a circle cutter? Can I get one at Joann Fabrics? It looks like something I need :)


  3. Oh fun! Your fabrics look great too.

    Enjoy the snow.

  4. Your stack of fabric is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo mouth watering....can't wait to see what you are doing...not nice to tease us that way!!

  5. ooohhh, sounds GREAT! I can't wait to see what your new product in. and i just love my mushroom-y clutch, i use it everyday. :)

    xo, Angela


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