Friday, July 31, 2009

Recycle :: Old T-Shirts

Today's project :: Making dish rags out of old t-shirts. I sew about 20 wallets a day at least, so when the opportunity came today for a little change in scenery. I took it. I pulled a few of dads old t-shirts from the dryer this morning with a few small holes in them. Instead of throwing them away, I decided to re-use them somehow.
The fabric on a t-shirt is awesome for dusting, as well as windows. Guys, it's great for out in the garage to. So next time your guys oil changing fingers reach for that clean kitchen towel. Hand him one of these instead.
Just grab the old t-shirt and throw it on your rotary mat. Make sure it's all smoothed out so that both sides are even and there are no wrinkles...

Line up your ruler right underneath the armpits of the shirt, and slide your rotary blade down
the ruler in one straight cut.

Square up the edges with a few more ruler ended straight cuts, and viola. You have new
super soft dusting rags.


  1. i have done this...we had some old undershirts in the house and i could not bring myself to just throw them away so i cut them all down for cleaning rags too. great idea!

  2. Great idea! I hate the thought of throwing out perfectly good fabric just because it can't (or shouldn't) be used for its original purpose. I love to recycle jeans into aprons, clothes pin bags and other things. Also when my children were no longer in cloth diapers, I gave them (the diapers, not the children) a good washing, then used them for dusting rags, window washing rags, and general cleaning. They lasted for years and were way cheaper than using and throwing away paper towels.


  3. What a great idea! I always try to make new tshirts from a collection of old ones... but of course no-one ever wears them except me! ;) Great post! K

  4. I love to recycle jeans into aprons, clothes pin bags and other things

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