Thursday, July 30, 2009

OMG, this hot weather

Oh This is fun mom
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The sun is out again today, It has been about 100 degree's all week. To hot to get out of the house for to long, and almost to hot for indoors. Even with air conditioning. I hope that all of you are staying cool today.

All sophie want's to do is go outside of course. She is a summer baby after all.

Do you like all this hot weather??
Has it changed your mood or motivation?

Boy it's kicked me in the tail, but I got more wallets to sew so I will be back when the work is caught up. Have a great summer day everyone.


  1. Oh no, I do not like this hot weather at all! It makes me crazy! So I spend the day down in the cool basement with fans running, and sew or knit or plan projects. It makes all the difference in my personality!

    Sophie is a cutie. When my kids were that age, I'd put a little water in a bucket big enough for them to sit in, and let them play in it. That's fun on a shaded porch or under a tree. And not too messy.


  2. i am not a hot weather anything about 75 is too much for me. and to make it worse my AC is broken today. the heat always makes me slower and less motivated.

  3. I'm with Sophie, I love hot weather and do not like the AC on at all, or I only put it on when my family starts to melt before my eyes!!

  4. ooh I love her picture... yeah its been soo hot its getting old. I love the sun but 106.. come on ;-)

  5. Oh dear. Sewing in hot weather... it's very difficult. We have outrageously hot + humid summers here in Brisbane. I can't stand it. I just shut down. Good luck with braving the heat! Thank goodness you have air con! :) K

  6. I live in Las Vegas, all we have for 6 months is hot weather! I have come to love it to be honest. I prefer it to cold weather any day!

  7. I do much better in the heat as I think I must be half lizard. Hope you cool down a bit.

  8. That's fun on a shaded porch or under a tree. And not too messy.

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