Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I won $20.00 to Matatabi Fabrics

What a great surprise as I came to my computer with an email from my wonderful Christina saying I had won a giveaway on the Fabric Shopper The Contest was for 5 gift certificates, worth 20 dollars each. I got one!!! The gift Certificate was for an Etsy shop Matatabi .
I have been googling over the Japanese green apple fabric for a week.
I was so excited to put my order in I could hardly contain myself. So I wanted to share with you what I ended up getting. It will be a great day when this hits my mailbox.

What a cute hedgehog print I am sure it will become something for Sophie.

Gotta love the cheeky bunny I got 2 fat quarters of this one I plan to give one to
Christina. I am thinking she really liked it.

Here is the apple I could not live without.

This will be something for Sophie to maybe a crayon roll or part of an outfit.

Not sure what this will be I just had to have it. Love the red pigs.

That was my loot. So when I check my mailbox with a package from Japan I will be smiling ear to ear that whole day.
Thank you Fabric Shopper and thank you Matatabi.

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  1. I do love the cheeky bunnies print! The pink apples would make such a cute crayon roll!


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