Monday, February 9, 2009

Seven Day Giveaway

Well obviously I am not yet ready to post my own giveaway. I was hoping to get it up today however the day seemed to short for some reason. A friendly blogger JaneSays who has a fabulous Etsy shop let everyone know about a Seven day Giveaway hosted by Lily Eden She is having a SEVEN DAY GIVEAWAY and today is already day 2. I encourage everyone to go check it out.

While your here leave me a comment about what you like to see in giveaways. I am needing some creative ideas to hopefully meet new readers, and friends. I would appreciate it. Thank you

Go check it out now the SEVEN DAY GIVEAWAY!


  1. whooo hooo! thanks for spreading the word!! so so sweet!

  2. your kimono booties are fantastic! almost as cute as your daughter, who i'm sure is great inspiration to you! as my daughters get older, i find my products get older as well- funny how that is, plus there the perfect fit models.


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