Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Safari Moon Blog Hop and A much loved quilt finish

Welcome to my little stop here on Frances Newcombe's Safari Moon blog hop.
I was beyond flattered when Frances asked me to participate in the launch of her new fabric line for Art Gallery Fabrics. This line is so whimsical, soft, and completely amazing.

As soon as I saw Safari Moon I had to show my little girl. She immediately asked if I'd make her a quilt using the fabric. So of course I had to.

In the process of putting this quilt together a wonderful opportunity came up to help a little girl in her fight with cancer. I took an odd block from the quilt, and made it into an 18x18" quilted pillow cover.

This cover was auctioned off along with another one I made and with the help of many handmade artisans we were able to raise almost $3,000 dollars for her family in a single weekend. All of this compiled by a very thoughtful gal named Shannon over at "Hustlemama Handmade" Our community is seriously amazing. 

The rest of my blocks were put together into an HST quilt using a design idea from a Thimble Blossoms pattern called Lucky. I thought it was only fitting as I was feeling pretty lucky to be a part of this hop.

We have finally received a little rain here in California (much needed) so it was quite hard to show off the really vibrant colors of this gorgeous fabric. It was so soft and smooth, I seriously am discovering a new addiction to Art Gallery fabrics. Of course we will be adding more Safari moon to that collection.

Here is the finished quilt....

I think that this whimsical quilt was perfect for my little one. As you can tell, she is quite smitten :)

Thank you Frances for this wonderful experience and for designing such beautiful fabric.

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Host Frances Newcombe Designer with Art Gallery Fabrics – Belly Buttons Boutique
Happy Sewing friends!


  1. Fabulous quilt - I love this fabric line!

  2. wow!!!! I JUST adore your work Teri!!! I love this post so much. The quilt is so pretty and so is the pillow! Your daughter is adorable. Thank you thank you for doing this and the gorgeous work and the giving for the little girl fighting cancer. Seriously can't thank you enough. Love Frances

  3. Oh, "Lucky" daughter, too, to get that quilt. It is just beautiful in those fabrics. And your pillow was fantastic too. Great job!

  4. Your quilt looks great, especially wrapped around its cute recipient!:) Your pillow cover is beautiful and it's so wonderful you made it for such a good cause!

  5. Your daughter is lucky to receive this lovely quilt - the pattern is awesome!!

  6. What a great community indeed!! that is fantastic that you could raise so much money to help a family in crisis!! The pillow is beautiful!!
    Your daughters quilt looks fantastic in the Safari Moon line!! Great choice of pattern!!

  7. I enjoyed your heartwarming story about the pillow. Love the quilt, too! I can't decide which one of these fabrics is my favorite but I am leaning toward one of the butterfly colorways.

  8. so beautiful, totally in love with the fabric

  9. Love the quilt and the pillow is absolutely charming. I am just so impressed with all the creative ideas on this blog tour for Safari Moon! Beautiful job and keep the inspiration coming.

  10. gorgeous quilt. what a wonderful thing to do to auction off the cushion.

  11. Hi!!!! Love the quilt and pillow!!!!!! Very pretty and your little girl is adorable!!!!! Thank You

  12. Wonderful quilt and pillow. Your little girl really seems to enjoy your special talent.

  13. Wonderful quilt and pillow. Your little girl really seems to enjoy your special talent.

  14. Wonderful quilt and pillow. Your little girl really seems to enjoy your special talent.

  15. Wonderful quilt and pillow. Your little girl really seems to enjoy your special talent.

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