Monday, June 10, 2013


Oh where do I start? Yes I still sew..... believe it or not, I have not been very interested in quilt projects as much as I am thrilled with the instant gratification of smaller projects. Maybe it's because I have been loading my plate with far too much, trying to keep superwoman status. I was beginning to feel like the load was getting so heavy yet I continued to pile on the "OK sure, I'll do that". I'm sure some of you can relate.

My daughter was enrolled into a summer kindergarten "ready to start" program. With her social skills, and smarts I just felt like she was ready to be around other children. ( it was long overdue) Besides she practically begged me to go. Seeing her so very excited for school made me think of those days way back when, I always said how I couldn't wait to grow up and be done with school. Of course now that we are older, have jobs, responsibilities, and such, we would give up our right arm for another chance at youth. 

As a mother I don't think I took time to enjoy life that much for myself. There was always more work to finish, dishes to do, and laundry to fold. I was missing out on so many things. So now having an extra 4 hours everyday to myself sort of forces me to use that "me time" and it makes our family time together so much better.  I have started sewing again, not worrying too much about how clean the house is all the time, and getting that "quality time" with Sophie. Taking time to smell the roses I guess it's called.

So I am going to come back and share some sewing projects soon, and of course write more because it helps make me feel good. The things I spent time on before are not all so important as being healthy and happy.  

true story!


  1. I am not a mom but I love your post here - being healthy and happy are very important!!!

  2. Our families are such a blessing its hard not to lose ourselves whilst we care for them. Enjoy the new found "me" time. It's a joy!

  3. I think we all go thru different seasons like this. Been there,done that sort of thing. Being a mom IS the hardest and most rewarding job ever!

  4. Good for you! believe it or not you are definitely not alone. I too have gone through the same thing not because of little kids at home as mine are raised.I was told that when you get older you have more time. wronggggggg you have to make time for yourself and if you don't you are not a very happy camper. the dust will wait until another day. enjoy yourself and have fun. I too stick with the smaller projects now as I am not as rushed trying to tackle the larger ones. lap quilts is as large as I go. lots of table runners, bags ect.


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