Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pillow Talk Swap round 9

Well, I am back from the Sewing Summit and already tackling a few deadlines. Round nine of the Pillow talk swap started just right before I left, and I am so glad that I waited to find inspiration.
I plan to talk more about the trip to sewing summit, but for now I need to catch up on a few projects that have been buzzing around the studio, starting with PTS 9.


In all my 13 years of quilting, I have never attempted to sew anything round unless it was raw edge applique like this one. The intimidation for me was hard to get around, and while there were other things to always try; why would I step too far out of my comfort zone!
The Class Offered at Sewing Summit by Christina was just what I needed to get my feet wet. Her calm teaching skills, and patience with so many people not quite understanding at first was a breath of fresh air. I walked out of that class pretty confident that I would go home with a new love for curved piecing.
I started playing with the PTS stack that I pulled. While it was not my original thought for this stack I figured what could it hurt. The mix of rainbows was pretty much OK for any design really.
I choose the backing fabric first, then pulled from that to get my colors for the front.

Using the Drunkards path template from tabslot, I began making my curves. I decided that pinning them was my most accurate method, but eventually I cut them down enough to have gone without pinning as well. I ended up trimming the blocks down to 4.5" Square so that all my blocks would fit in an 18x18" square.

IAfter arranging them a million times trying to form the design that I was imagining, I just couldn't get it to come out right. Although I was making curves, I wanted to stay away from making it too circular. So by adding a strip of white sashing to the centers, It broke up the design just enough to make me stop fussing.  It sometimes pays to get out of your comfort zone a little. I am hoping that the simple splash of color and design makes my partner happy too.
I think this is much different from most of the pillows that I have done. I tend to over think everything in the design process which usually works out but not always. I love the modern simplistic feel of this pillow; and in the end all the design elements I originally thought out just didn't fit anymore. Part of what I like to call, A happy accident!


  1. Dude, it is awesome! I loved learning curves too.

  2. I love the backing on this and it was a great inspiration piece for the front prints/solids - it turned out beautifully!

  3. It looks fab, glad you're able to get your curve on now!

  4. looking good. I like the backing fabric, it's fab.

  5. looks like you did a very good job

  6. You really whipped this out! Great colors- {{{love}}}

  7. Great idea with the pillow, looks amazing and I love the back fabric :)

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