Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Best!!!

That's the perfect phrase for the most wonderful weekend!. We had the pleasure of heading down towards San Francisco to have a visit with Sophie's great Grandpa.
Saying this man is amazing is an understatement!
His entire life was full of such amazing adventures, that I wish I could record them all and watch them everyday. It melts my heart to see his compassion for people especially children.
He sits in his little apartment at the masonic home, cutting circles from fabric using a spool of masking tape and a pair of small scissors. Then he makes yo yo's from them and forms them into lei's for all the children who come to the home for family visits. He makes thousands of them.
He also is a very good customer of a handmade wooden toy company, that he buys from constantly to have things for the kids who are not quite into lei's.
I am truly blessed that Sophia gets to meet him and spend time with him.
These are his hats :)
And Sophie loves to ride on his spaceship.

It's always a very fun and fulfilling day with great grandpa!
We love hime SEW much!
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Happy Sewing Everyone!


  1. He sounds like an amazing guy, love the hat :oD

  2. What a heart warming story!! If Sophie's great grandpa ever needs a box of fabric sent his way...let me know!!!

  3. Awe how sweet is that! What a special memory

  4. I really love this story! What a great man.

  5. Oh, that's so sweet! It's wonderful that Sophie can spend time with her talented, compassionate great grandpa!

  6. This made me feel very nostalgic and a little sad for my two grandpas, who left only last year and 4 years ago respectively. Knowing a great grandparent is a truly special opportunity for any child! Thanks for telling us about him.

  7. What wonderful memories. Sophia is very blessed. My grandsons will not know their great-grandfathers, my dad passed away a month before OG was born and my FIL passed away when OG was 14 moths old, two months before YG was born.

  8. He sounds like so much fun, now and in his younger days. :-)

  9. This is so great.... You are blessed with this man. groeten uit Nederland.

  10. This post was such a blessing!


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