Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sparkle Quilt

It's finally done.
This quilt was started January 19th 2012 for the Sparkle Quilt along given by Jeni of In Color Order, and Megan of Canoe Ridge Creations.

I fell off the bandwagon trying to get a few other things done, and completely missed out on the finish party.
I am glad to have gone back to finish it up, because its quite breathtaking I think.

I really appreciated the feedback on IG about how much everyone loved what I was making. I think it kept me crunching along. This was my first time doing a whole quilt in straight lines, and I actually unpicked it 3 times before realizing that it cannot always be perfect. I finally accepted the uniqueness of the quilting and trudged along.

Binding also was a little hard to get through. I do not really recommend trying to bind a quilt in cross weaves, let along scrappy binding. The weaves started to come apart and luckily I did not have to fuss to much with it being hand sewn down.
I do really love the scrappy cross weave binding look, it was just hard to get through.

I tend to get frustrated with projects and put them aside for much to long. Thank you for helping me get this one checked off.

Fabric choices :: Moda Cross weaves (bought in a rainbow bundle)
Robert Kaufman's Kona in Snow
Straight line quilting in Aurifil 2024 50wt
(my first time using Aurifil, I loved it)
Quilt measures approx 42x42
It's no secret how much I love quilts done with solids or solid textures. This quilt is no different. I think it's unperfectness (my new word) Makes it!

Happy Sewing!!


  1. This is lovely! I really like it in the solids. Good to hear that you wouldn't suggest the cross weaves for binding...Thanks. Love the quilting and binding tho!

  2. Very nice Terri! Its very nice :)

  3. oh WOOOW! What a fantastic job you've made of it! I just love it, the colours look amazing together. I really really like this. Well done on getting it finished :)
    Jessie, xo

  4. I agree, it's breathtaking! Love the solids and your color choices. And the straight line quilting looks amazing!!

  5. Way to power through that, Terri! It's such a gorgeous quilt and I love the colour combination you chose.

  6. Hush your mouth, it looks perfect to me!

  7. Yay, well done, it looks fab :o) Love the colours

  8. It's beautiful the quilting!

  9. Terri, it is fabulous. I absolutely love the pieced binding. Great job!

  10. Love the colors you chose and the binding bits that match. The straight stitch is so dramatic, I really must give that a try,

  11. What unperfectness?? It's beautiful!

  12. Beautiful quilt. Beautiful pictures. Love the new word...

  13. Oh, many congrats on finishing a lovely quilt. Doesn't it give you the BEST feeling to know it's no longer in the WIP pile?


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