Tuesday, January 17, 2012

still Swooning....

I am swooning again, feels good to be back into the groove of this quilt. I would have to give all the credit to Katy for starting the swoon-along.

Each block I have been cutting and piecing separately. While wasting fabric on a few bad decisions, I am happy with how the flow is going now. Excitement has taken over, and I am enjoying all the inspiration from all the fellow swooners .
Are you swooning yet? You should be.


  1. Considering I did major swooning last year, I'm just watching the qal. Your blocks are some of my absolutely favs!!

  2. It's amazing how different each block looks! It is a stunning block.

  3. Such beautiful blocks...you have such a good eye for color and don't worry about the wasted fabric...if you learn from it, it isn't a mistake but a teachable moment! lol Trust me, I have lots of those!

  4. I absolutely love you fabric/color choices. Beautiful, can't wait to see the rest:)

  5. Those look fab :o) I'm not swooning, as it would have been a SAL too far, but I'm loving seeing them pop up around the blogosphere

  6. Your blocks are FABULOUS! Really beautiful!


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