Tuesday, July 12, 2011

SSSQA Block # 1 Star Of Virginia

Little did I know after being sucked in to this AWESOME summer quilt along that it would become "one of those things" I could experience with Sophie. I am usually not one to have enough time to start anything on the actual day it starts; so that was an accomplishment on it's own.

Sophia was a little rambuncious yesterday. Almost nothing would stop her from bouncing off the walls. At about 7pm I finally had enough and remembered this quilt along block that I had not yet begun. I pulled everything out and began the "quilting process" to see if that would help. She really loves the design part of quilting already at 3.

We pulled out the colored pencils, and matched them to the highlighter style fabrics we had chosen for the quilt. Sophie watched as I drew up the block, and let her place in the colors on paper anywhere she wanted..

We set up our cutting station, and began cutting the pieces according to the directions of the block.
After each piece was cut, Sophie would place the piece on the design wall to make it look just like the picture we colored on paper.

I think she did a pretty good job! Little did I know that this project would turn out this way, but I am sure glad it did. Anything to get her involved in quilting makes me SEW happy. And I see that she to enjoys it very much.

We are very excited for the next block of this quilt along.
Stop by flickr and see all the cool blocks that have been made so far.



  1. bravo Mama! :)
    And nice work there Sophie... I like it.

  2. so pretty! the colors are great!

  3. i love how involved your little one was !!! my daughter loves quilting too!

  4. I was going to say the color placement is awesome too!

  5. I wish I had a little helper like you have, she is adorable and looks like she has her mother's eye for color and sewing.

  6. VERY sweet! And I love your block! Wish I was as clever as Sophie! :-)

  7. I miss those days...enjoy them!

  8. Your block is wonderful!! I might just do something similar. Your Sophie is sooo adorable and at 3, she is such a delight to watch her joy as she works along side her creative MOM!

  9. This is going to be a beautiful and wonderful quilt. It's fabby that Sophie is helping to create it. Very special.


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