Thursday, June 30, 2011

When life gives you scraps....... Make Quilts!

I am a nut for scraps! Not just any scraps, but specifically Kona scraps. I tend to give away or auction off my printed scraps on facebook. But I hoard my Kona like no body's business!
As the bucket began to grow, I knew I needed to start using some soon, or I would get overloaded with all this color goodness and it would cause me to loose focus! (Seriously) :)


With a little pump of my Go! baby Fabric cutter, and some kona scraps I went to work! Cutting lots, wasting little. Honestly this was my first quilt made completely with my Go! Baby fabric cutter machine.
Minutes after starting I was done (no joke, you would think I have stock in them the way I say that huh )

Beautiful squared up 4" half square triangles done in no time at all.
I should probably explain that HST's were my nemesis! I hate matching points and getting so perfect with my quilting. That life is now behind me! After piecing my first HST quilt, I am in love. FOREVER!
They are not that bad, they are loaded with perfection but so worth it!

I used a free pattern from accuquilt found here

Kona Hourglass Quilt



  1. I think you should become a sales rep, you got me sold...

  2. Yes, you could the GO! Baby Terri! That is a great quilt with solids!

  3. Your quilt looks great!! It's simple yet interesting!

  4. Oh I am also a fan of Kona!! But HST'S plus Jane = screaming and pulling out hair!!
    Yours looks great!! As you know I also love scraps, look what you did!!!

  5. Wowzah! Now I'm gonna pull out the Go! and use some Kaffe Fassett pieces! They'll look great combined with my Kona solids!

  6. This is so pretty. I also got the HST die and I think it might be what finally converts me over to loving HST's too! ;]

  7. Awesome!!! What did you do (if anything) to prepare your scraps, Terri (because your waste looks rather uniform, so I'm guessing you did some precutting of your scraps before sending them through the GO!?). Looks like that should be my next die purchase!

  8. Looks awesome Terri...bright and fun!


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