Monday, June 20, 2011

Surprise ....

I have been eagerly working on something.......

It could be good for you, or you, or you, or all of you.......

Can you guess what it might be?

Maybe it involves a quilt? Or a giveaway? I am having the hardest time keeping it in,

Gotta guess??  Stop back on Wednesday for the Good Stuff!

In the meantime stop by

Click the photo for Sue's Birthday Sale. Kona is only 4.99 a yard OH MY!!!  Use code  
 BIRTHDAY2011 for 14% off :)


Happy Sewing!


  1. How fun! love your fabric selections too! =)

  2. which die are you covering up, give us a peak!

  3. You're going to giveaway an accuquilt and three dies????? c'mon you cannot leave us hanging like that ;)

  4. Lovin' the DS fabrics. I am guessing a quilt.

  5. ooh ooh!! I'm guessing you are giving away a go baby cutter! LOL You must be dyin keeping this secret in until tomorrow!! Whatever the secret is!! LOL!
    wow having the hardest time getting this to accept my comment! :(

  6. It's just a fun picture. Love the dots fabric.

  7. A quilted bag is my I right?

  8. Oooooooh, I think I know, but I won't spoil the surprise. Can't wait 'til tomorrow. :)


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