Sunday, May 29, 2011

I'm Back!

Here is me with my new hair !!

Sorry about the lack of posts lately. Blogger had some glitch that wouldn't let me log in to use my blog or even comment on other blogs. I am putting together some pretty fantastic stuff around here and cannot wait to share. Missing you all dearly :)

Anyone else get locked out of blogger??


  1. There have been some blogs that I cannot comment on with "Goggle Account" - including yours. I was able to use the Name/ long as the blog had that option.

  2. I was struggling to comment but after downloading firefox all has been well :)

  3. I couldn't comment for a couple months, but it was an Alltel thing & it was only with embedded comments. If the comments opened in a different window or tab I could comment, weird huh? Now that we have AT&T it's working fine for me.

    Glad you could login again. :)

  4. Glad you are back....blogger has been a bugger lately!

  5. Cute hair! And yes, I've not been able to comment directly using my blogger account. I have to manually put in the url address to my blog! So frustrating... :-)

    ~ Mary Carole Dolce

  6. Had a few glitches with Blogger, but not as bad as I have heard about on blog posts. Enjoy your new hairdo.


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