Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bravo! Our Military Bravo!

Although this is BIG news already I have to put in a bit of two sense here.
I am not of military in any way, nor do I have family over their serving. But I do have friends of the sort who deal with that hurt every day. As well as family who has served in the past. To me it's unimaginable that someone could let their loved ones serve in the military, go to war, and be away from home most of their service lives.
After coming to terms with how and why, I began to see the honor and accomplishment that comes from those same people. They are proud, and supportive, strong, and brave all in the same package.

I could not do it, I am not that brave or strong, so I respect those people in every way imaginable.
I guess I just want to say thank you to all of our servicemen, and servicewomen. Those people who fight everyday, who spend years aways from their loved ones and family, friends and children. Today was a huge accomplishment for the people, and I hate that this comes to you on such a day when it should be acknowledged everyday. Thank you! Thank you thank you, for everything you do. You are Brave everyday even if we don't tell you. You are thought of everyday and every hour even if we don't mention it. We do know that because of you, and because your family allows you to serve that we are free, Free to speak our mind, free to be who we feel we are, and free to to LIVE everyday without being completely scared of the outcome.

Thank you to all who serve!
Thank you to the families who allow them to serve and deal with the pain of having them so far away.
Thank you to the world for supporting our troops, and everything that they believe in!

Thank you !


  1. I share your point of view too.

  2. Seems like you "get it" more than you think! God bless our brave men and women!!

  3. We can't even begin to thank them enough!!!!!

  4. As the wife of a serving soldier of the British Army, you could not have said that any better. xx

  5. Thank you from an Army wife of 9 yrs. You almost brought a tear to my eye, you said it plain and simple and TRUTHFULLY:)

  6. You are so right! Thanks to everyone who serves to protect us! We couldn't enjoy our lives like we do without them.

  7. Nice. Agree! Agree! Agree! I'm so grateful for all our freedoms fought before now and in the future. Thank you for such a refreshing post! GOD bless america!

  8. Your comment touched my heart. My husband, two sons and a son in law serve in the military--one dearly loved son currently in harm's way. I never thought I could do it either but ya do what ya gotta do, I guess. Thanks for your support.

  9. Having served recently for more than 21 years in the Royal Air Force, your thoughts and wishes are heartfelt.

  10. My son-inlaw is a Captain in the Australian Defence Force and spend 8 1/2 month in East Timor last year. He left two weeks after his second daughter was born, he will not be here for his first daughters birthday for the third time and she will only be four.
    Thanks you for this post....


  11. We live in a very dangerous world and it is comforting to know there are brave men and women who would die to protect us. God bless them all.

  12. Thank you for this post, my husband is currently deployed - 100 days down, 200 to go!!! Go Navy!


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