Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Back to Crafting

Sometimes it seems as though I let things get the best of me or maybe I just make to many commitments. However the best part about catching up, is starting something for no real reason at all but to just have a little fun.

I pulled out some charm packs the other day and asked little Sophie to pick one that she wanted to see in a quilt. Of course she picked the butterflies from the Just wing it collection by Moda.

We mixed two charm pack with a few scrap pieces of Kona, and did a simple patchwork quilt. It's not very often that I make a quilt like this anymore but this was a fun project for sophie to help with. It really has been fun doing these much simpler quilts and having her join in. Maybe someday she will be a quilter to.

It turned out so fun, and she loves it.

I ended up piecing the back a little with a few leftover pieces, but came up a little short so I will have to make a quick trip tomorrow and get it finished so that we can quilt it.
I am excited to share Sophie's little beauty after it gets quilted.

While out the other day I picked up these to. They are titanium quilting needles. Made to endure the heat from quilting better. I have heard good things about them so I thought I would give them a try.
Has anyone tried them yet?

It has been quite the busy week here at our house, but we are happy to have had much family time, a finished quilt or two, and a brand new 3 year old. (Check out that cookie cake )



  1. Lovely post - doesn't she look cute? I'm hoping to get back to some sewing today after the UKs marathon of Bank Holidays and my daughters stint in hospital yesterday!

  2. It's adorable! I love the bright colors.

    And your daughter is so precious!!!! Look at her turning 3! It brings back memories.

  3. Your love for your family shines through in every post! She's beautiful, but then her Mommy sure has a beautiful heart to share too!

  4. Oh my giddy goodness!! That quilt top is stunning!! Don't suppose you're in the market for another daughter? Thirty years old, well behaved, comes with own sewing machine :)

    Don't worry about getting behind on stuff. It happens to the best of us and we always get there in the end xx

  5. I love the quilt top :)
    Such amazing colours and patterns

  6. Yummy fabric choice Miss 3yr old Sophie!! Love the backing colors:)

  7. Sophie looks like she is really getting into this fabric selection!!!! Happy birthday to her!

  8. aaaaaw! so cute! I'm sure she will be a GREAT quilter someday, too! :)

  9. Simple patchwork is so fun and quick - plus what a bonus that you and Sophie can work together! I have started using Inspira needles ONLY on my Pfaff Quilt Expression 4.0. I was told by my dealer that the new Pfaffs are 'timed' for these needles, whatever that means. All I know is that they have totally fixed my fmq thread-breaking nightmares, so therefore I LOVE them!!!

  10. You girls did a great job on that quilt top! It's very pretty.

    And Happy Birthday Sophie! :)

  11. I have some titanium needles from Superior Threads and I haven't noticed a huge difference, but I've just been piecing, not machine quilting like Krista (poppyprint) above.

    3 is SUCH a fun age! And your quilt is adorable.

  12. I use the superior titanium needles all the time...they do last longer. I love 'em. I like your blog!

  13. Terri, this post spoke to me. I've been feeling the same way you described: over committed and bummed. Glad to hear and see :) you're getting your quilting pep back. I use those titanium needles in my machine and they do really make a difference.


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