Friday, April 8, 2011

Studio Tour

As being someone who gets sucked into the inspiration of others, whether it be blogs, or flickr, quilts, or studio's. I am constantly finding a new idea for something in my creative world.
I wanted to take a minute and get a little personal with you all by showing off a project I have been working on. It's not by any means glamorous but I hope that maybe it gives you some ideas for your own space. Your creative space does not have to be fancy, expensive, or even matchy matchy. It can be anything that makes you feel comfortable and creative.

I have been extremely blessed to have moved over the last 6 months from a shared kitchen table, to a new beautiful room that I can call my own and decorate any way I want.
When I decided on what I wanted, my priorities were mostly organization, and simply clean. Everything has a spot, fabrics are sorted to keep separately my shop fabrics and my personal stash. I love to display when I can and enclose at times to.

This room still needs a lot of work as I track down that perfect piece to replace whatever it is I already had, and I am still using in the room. but I can say that I feel creative here everyday.

Take a peak into my creative world in the Studio of Sew-Fantastic!

(above) This part is a little under construction. I am looking for perfect white modern chairs to put here and some crafty projects to add to my newly painted gray walls.

(below) Kona is most definitely my favorite so of course it has been showcased so that I can see if every day. The shelf actually goes higher to view my large yardage pieces. The smaller pieces are kept in the simple Martha Stewart Divider cube from Home Depot (50.00) Great price for a simple clean look.

(below) Under the window is these great little ottomans I found at Traget (20.00 each) In tons of colors. The tops come of to use them for storage. I keep my vintage things and japanese goodies in there. When Sophie somes in to visit me this is where she sits and tells me about her day.

My closets are the same ... very organized. I find it easier to know where things are most of the time, so that I can find it on a dime. Things are labeled and separated very well. Plastic storage is very inexpensive to and you can always put your special touch on it if you want.

Although my hubby bought it for me a few years ago, he still thinks it's funny that I actually have luggage just for my sewing machine and projects, :)

As you can see my walls are still bare,they have just recently been painted a lush gray. I am hoping to get some wall quilts up soon. There are a few boxes of fabric still to be shelved and a great notions board that my hubby is putting together as I write this. I can't wait to show you a video tour when I am done.

I am a fiend for Law and order, CSI, Bones and of course GLEE! So the TV is a staple in this room

My scraps are showcased in individual containers. If you have the room for this I highly suggest you try it. Before my scraps sat in a bucket, never being touched. Now I actually use them, as they are sorted by color. Making it easy to grab something for a project.
All of my shopp fabric is storage indoors in this cabinet that was given to use by my mother in law.

This is my workhorse, Claire! She is strictly my shop machine and she treats me good. The other machine only comes out when I do a little personal sewing.

The double design wall is also nice to keep projects up. I like to move things around a lot while they hang there until they are pieced into a quilt top.

Below is my cutting table. when not in use it folds up but I love having it right in the middle of the room where everything else is accessible.

Thank you for taking a little tour with me, and like I promised before that when it's done I will do a video tour for you all. It really is easy to get a great functional studio on a budget. I did it and SEW can you.

Happy Sewing my friends.


  1. Thanks for the tour! Looks like a wonderful space!

  2. Thanks for the photoreport
    I very much love these colors, as at you in a workroom
    I wish good luck and inspiration

  3. I, too, share a kitchen table right now! Your space is pure inspiration!! I'm new to your blog and just love it!

  4. Thanks for the inspiration. I'm sewing in the dining room with hopes of having my own space one day! Great Studio!

  5. Thanks so much for the tour. We are moving soon and I too will finally have my own crafting/sewing room... yay! I have been looking for ideas for my new room, and you've given me some good ones.. thanks again! :)

  6. It looks so functional and pretty! Can I hire you to come do my sewing room? I love your blue jars on the window sill, and your quilts look lovely on the rack - I need one of them, too!

  7. Love your new area...I plan to paint my sewing room grey also...if you like the chair so much and it works for you, why don't you paint it? A little primer and a couple of coats of paint and it will look beautiful...

  8. Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to see the video.

  9. I'm still sharing the kitchen table and I took over a bookshelf in the "diningroom/living room" (we have a 1 bedroom apartment) for my supplies. Def. jealous of your space but so glad for you that you have it! Thanks for sharing :)

  10. You are SOOO organized! I love your sewing machine cover too! =) Wow...beautiful space.

  11. Thanks for the studio tour. It looks organized! That took some work. I love the quilt on your design board.

  12. You made my heart skip a little beat by having the pillow I made for you sitting out. <3 Your space is wonderful and clean - something I aspire to. I also love the Dream On quilt on your wall - it looks fabulous!

  13. Nice job! Great organization...I need to work on my bin situation.

    Totally different subject: I MUST know the solid you're using in te Dream On quilt on the design wall! So perfect and pretty!!!

  14. Awesome! Thanks for sharing your space Terri. I keep my rulers in their rack on the windowsill, too! Unfortunately, the chaos that reigns in my sewing room doesn't look very nice in photos, so you'll never see that :)

  15. You have such an awesome space! I love the colors and that everything has it's own place!

    I think I've convinced Michael to let me use one of the bedrooms as a sewing space when we move this summer! I am so excited to organize and decorate! You found some really great items to get yourself organized, I'll definitely be checking back here when I'm looking for pieces! :)

  16. Great tour!! You have so many good organizing ideas. I've been meaning to get my fabric organized, especially the scraps. Inspired. : )

  17. What a fabulous space! Thanks for sharing!

  18. The gray looks great on the walls! And I am totally envious of your fabric storage.

  19. Love your room and I am sure you are going to enjoy it tremendously. I, too, love Law and Order. I am so addicted that I look forward to the marathons and I watch the reruns over and over. My husband thinks I am crazy.

  20. Thanks for the studio tour! It's a lovely space.

    On another note - I noticed you have an extension table for your machine. Did it come with the machine? Is it made by the same people? Or did you buy it separately from a different company? I'm exploring my options!

  21. A beautiful room for beautiful creations! I like how you have framed artwork appropriate to the room (it looks like stacks of fabric on a suitcase? ) It adds a nice touch.


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