Tuesday, April 5, 2011

GO! -ing Crazy

Crazy in love that is..... A new toy has landed in the Sew-Fantastic studio. I apologize for being gone so long but I promise you will understand why. Among just plain being busy with business and life in general, I have received a new toy that I cannot put down. ( Thank you Accuquilt)  I have been cutting my scraps up preparing for new quilts and it almost takes me no time at all. I am excited to share this amazing product with you.

Wanna know what it is???? I bet you do...... Wanna know how you can get one to??? Do you really really really want one??
What would you do with this Fabulous machine that cuts quilt kits in a flash? I think everyone needs one of these Accuquilt GO! Baby machines in their lives.
 I want to give you one of your very own. Stay tuned here at Sew-Fantastic, cause something BIG is coming.. I better GO! play a bit more for now

In the meantime you can try your chance at a $1000.00 gift certificate to Accuquilt Go! by clicking This button!



  1. I am looking forward to seeing what is coming.

  2. Yes, I REALLY, REALLY want one! Please???

  3. I really really REALLY need one of this babies, for my university classes!!!! will have my fingers crossed :P, yay!!!

  4. What a great tool for quickly cutting out shapes so MORE sewing can happen! Love it! Hope you're sure you want to give this away ..I'll take good care of it!

  5. I have one of the bigger ones, but it will be fun to see who wins. AND to see what clever designs you make.

  6. Oh another giveaway! =) Can't wait to see. I had my cutter out the other day...trying to cut my scraps into usable pieces...it's a lot of work! =)

    Just curious...why/how did you do the black markings? Does it help?

  7. Aw, you got a new baby! Congratulations!

  8. I bet you're having a ball with your new toy! I'm starting to think that I really need one too. :)


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