Monday, January 17, 2011

Showcase your kids.

Little Sophie received this very cool art easel for Christmas. As much as she loves being in my sewing studio, I wanted her to have her own little art center to where she can get messy and be creative. One side has a paper roll that tears off and gives a clean usable sheet of paper as well as a whiteboard underneath. The other side is a chalkboard

The first day Sophie painted on it, this is what she made......

These papers are about the size of a FQ of fabric. I decided to hunt down some inexpensive frames to showcase these in her room.

Art Easel  Santa Brought :)
3 frames- $21.00 (joanns Clearance)
Sophie's face after showing her how proud I was - PRICELESS

Kids really get a kick outta something they made themselves, I saw proud smiles all over her face, and every time she sees them on the walls of her room. Talk about making my day.

I also picked up a few for myself to showcase the photos from Sarah Costa in My Studio.  (GORGEOUS!!!! )



  1. That is sooooo priceless...I am sure you will keep those for a long long time...

  2. We've got a kid art gallery in our kitchen, same with inexpensive craft store frame. They look amazing on the red wall and I never tire of admiring my children's work! They are after me to put newer picture into the frames but I've become so attached, I just can't do it.

  3. How precious! She's a budding artist! I think that it's a great idea to showcase their work...I need to think of more ways to do that for my kids!


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