Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bloggers Pillow Party

Having all this extra time now that the holiday is over, sure is inspiring me to do things I normally would not have time for. Like those days that you get this really great idea to do something, but by the time you have a moment to try it, you forget why you thought it was cool in the first place. Or lucky if you even remember it.
That is my life story. I am turning 31 next month maybe it's affecting my brain a little.

I decided to enter into this pillow party contest and try my luck. I will have a new pillow next month but for this month I wanted to include the pillow made around Christmastime for the PTS swap over on Flickr, because I really do love the way it turned out.
This pillow currently resides in Australia with Nova. she was my lucky swap partner. She loves sleek an modern design along with a little stitchy goodness. To be honest, Nova truly inspired this design. Her love of cross quilts and solids, with stitches in surprise spots, made this project extra fun. Although her swaps usually involve incredible details, she also loves simplicity. The colors were her favorite as well. Blue, green, and gray, then she also mentioned she liked splashes of red.

After a very thought out design the top was finished and, it didn't quite look how I wanted. I ended up having this empty space in the corner with no color. That is when the idea to stitch it came in.

Never be afraid of something that doesn't turn out the way you thought it would, is will inspire you to make something new. That is my motto for 2011!

The entire pillow is made Robert Kaufman's Kona Solids and Essex linen in Putty. Each square is 2 inches by 2 inches sewn together with a helpful patchwork tip using interfacing to keep the lines sleek and the points matching.

The Pillow arrived just days ago and I am looking forward to seeing how it looks in it's new home with Nova.

Want to play to? Stop By Stitched In Color for Details on how to enter your pillow to.

Happy Stitching~


  1. Love your pillow...just adorable!

  2. I fell in love with your pillow the first time you posted it and I fall in love with it more and more every time I see it! :)

  3. i LOVE it!
    Thank you so much Terri :)
    You nailed it ;)

  4. Wonderful pillow!!!

    Xoxoxxx Ree

  5. I love the hand sewing there. It gives such a nice touch ! And the crosses...let s just say I have to try them :))

  6. Beautiful pillow! Such a lot of work must have gone into this!

  7. Great pillow! I like the colors you chose - they look awesome together.


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