Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Spirit Of Giving :: Giveaway Raffle

Within 2 weeks of our move to Bakersfield,  I had the privilege to meet a strong soul named Suzanne. Suzanne owns one of the local quilt shops here in Bakersfield California called The Strawberry Patch. The minute I went into her shop, it was like a breath of fresh air, beautiful fabric selections and very helpful, and kind worker bees buzzing around in the Strawberry Patch.

Little did I know the story behind this woman was one of solid hope. Hope that there was a light in the end of every tunnel. hope that there is always something better coming at the end of something sad.. Just days after we had arrived here Suzanne lost her son at 40 years old to ALS. After hearing of her news I immediately admired her strength and her wholesomeness.

Her grandson Jake was no exception, as I heard of his story to raise money to save his daddy from the disease that was taking his life. At nine years old Jake started by taking his penny bank to school, to ask his friends to help in his efforts to find a cure for ALS. This small boy started something very big by begigining  an entire foundation dedicated to finding a cure for ALS. Selling wristbands, asking for donations, rafflling off quilts and much more. Please read some of his story here.

Sadly Jake did loose his father to the disease this last September, but he continues to fight for the cause.

Jake's story has inspired many to help him with his efforts to find a cure for ALS. We are now bringing the cause to you, my blogging friends. My other family practically. All the caring people out there that do so many wonderful things all year round with the connection of just the Internet friendships we all admire so much. Sponsors have also come forward with many donations to help, and now by your word of mouth and generosity, we to can give a little part to help Jake save someone else's family member from ALS in the future.

The Strawberry Patch
is offering a very generous $50.00 gift certificate to her fabric shop

(that is 50.00 worth of fabric people)


Hawthorne Threads
is offering up an Amy Butler Sweet Life bag
this bag is worth over $80.00


Our Newest Sponsor Fashionable Fabrics
is giving away a $35.00 Gift Certificate to their fabric shop
(They have a little heather Ross Mendocino in there still to *wink*wink*)


Another New sponsor Miss Ruby Sue
Is donating her Maggie Headband
Value worth 60.00 and it's gorgeous!


Most of you know Jane from Jane's Fabrics
She is donating 2 charm packs from the Domestic Diva collection


I am also giving away a $50.00 GC to my shop Sew-Fantastic
My shop will be closed through the holiday but it will be reopend in January for your shopping pleasure.

All of these wonderful people are giving something of themselves to encourage others to donate for Jake's cause. We will be selling raffle tickets for $1.00 Each, and each ticket is worth an entry to win one of these great prizes.  there are five chances to win a great prize. Even a few dollars helps in his efforts to remember his father living up with the lord. 100% of the proceeds will go to this cause!

He is looking down right now and saying,..... That's my boy.

Please help with anything you can, spread the word to everyone you know lets help Jake put a nice Christmas chunk into that ALS fund. Let's show the strawberry Patch family what great things we can do when we all come together.
I have much respect for each and every reader, the amazing friendships I have formed just by writing on this blog. I truly admire you all and thank you for anything, and everything you do.

Thank you and god bless you this holiday season and always.
If you would also like to donate something in reference to this raffle please email me at sewfantasticblog@yahoo.com

Jake's ALSA Foundation

winners Please stop back by this blog on December 20th to claim your prizes


  1. What a touching post Terri. Thank you!

  2. One of our close friends struggles with the fact that his mother died of ALS and that someday he too might develop the condition. This is something that is so near to my heart, thank you for hosting this.

  3. Terri it is with great big tears streaming down my cheeks that I read this amazing post and your generous efforts to help Jake. It's ironic that tonight I was working on an post about the many blessing I have in my life. I am so fortunate to add you to that list. God bless you and all your kind and talented sponsors.

  4. What an inspiration....thanks for sharing this with us. I will do a post on my left sidebar.

  5. what a heartfelt story... what a light unto the world with little boy is. I admire his bravery and strenght!! Here's to lots more donations!!

  6. Oh suxanne, you are very welcome. Jake is a great inspiration. You my dear are a very strong woman.

    thanks Everyone for the love please help wherever you can

  7. My husband's uncle died last year of ALS, he was in the prime of his life, reminds me of this story. What a sweet little boy..I hope you guys meet your goal!

  8. My heart aches for this little boy. Thank you for telling us his story.

  9. Terri, what a nice thing to do for Jake..I just found your blog via Suzanne's post..I could only donate a little, but hope it helps:)


  10. I just happily made a donation. My grandmother died of this horrible, horrible disease almost 9 years ago. God bless Jake, his family, and everyone else afflicted by this awful disease.


  11. somehow I missed this post earlier... I've joined in now. :)

  12. I made a donation!

    What a wonderful cause.


  13. Thank you for bringing this real life story to us. Just made a donation. I hope each donation is an encouragement to those with ALS and their families and a reminder they are not alone.

  14. Thank you for spreading the word! I'm headed to Paypal now...God Bless!

  15. I just made a donation. We had a neighbor pass away of ALS when I was a kid. What a sweet boy to honor his Father this way.

  16. What an emotional story. The husband of one of my friends here had the same disease, awful......

  17. My thoughts and prayers surround Suzanne and Jake. We lost my sister at age 40 this past year to ALS. She left behind a husband and two sons as well as other family and friends. We miss her terribly. I made a donation as more research needs to be done. Thanks for your support of this family.

  18. I donated a few dollars a week or so ago - hope it helps!


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