Wednesday, October 27, 2010

SEW much to catch up on!

It's done..... Finished! My husband always says "I have seen you create so many quilts, but how many of them have you finished". Ha!! The story of my life. I am hoping to create a quilt for all those wonderful family members that have been dreaming for one this year for Christmas.

I should probly note that this quilt made for Sophia's reading chair is not my favorite. Or my best, I tried a few new things using variegated thread and hated it.

I loved how the back was though. The colors were so her. To be honest I did finish it, but still hated it deep down.

I saw this. Just 20 minutes after it was removed from the dryer, Sophie was on it with her books. Then again later wrapped up in it watching her movie.
so all in all, the trials were so worth it, and I learned a lot.

We have spent a lot of family time together this week, something that I have needed desperately. After all most of what I do is for my family, but I feel as if I am always to busy for them.

We saw Disney on ice this weekend... Can you tell she liked it ?

Next quilt on the books I haven't snapped a picture of yet but you can see the fabrics I choose today for a boys quilt. Not sure yet if I want all solids or to keep the prints in it. What do you think?

And I know you all love photos.... here is  my block for the quilting bee "Bee Hexed in" Featuring a pattern from Tacha in the first issue of Fat Quarterly. All those colors I showed you earlier made this beautiful block.

Speaking of Fat Quarterly... did you see me in the holiday issue of the ezine? there are tone of free patterns in every issue but this issue was great for holiday gift ideas. If you do not subscribe I suggest you should start :)

I did the pattern from Rashinda's book I love patchwork, using Kate Spain's 12 day's of Christmas fabric.
Go pick up your issue now!

I hope you enjoyed all the great going on's sorry I been gone so long... What have you been up to ?
Holiday sewing already?....

I also would like to wish all my friends fying to Quilt Market this weekend to have a fun and safe flight.



  1. Love Sophia's quilt! I love the framed four-patches. And the quilted lines look cool. I've never quilted with variegated thread; should I be worried? How fun to have your next quilt in the works. I like the solids in the mix, which might give it more dimension. I saw your project in the FQ Holiday issue - fabulous! I just bought some of those fabrics, so I can't wait to play with them.

  2. Love Sophia's quilt. I am an amateur quilter and just dont seem to get the half triangles and tricky blocks right. This seems so me. I like the color combination as well. I have to do 4 quilts before christmas! This could be one of them.

  3. Wow, you've been busy! I absolutely love Sophia's quilt!

  4. That face of your little girl is why I quilt---her face and others faces when you give a quilt YOU made away---a quilt that will be cherished always and that person will think of you!!!

    Kind of wanted to see the variegated thread up close. I just bought some myself and haven't tried using it yet.

    As for the boy's quilt I love the color scheme you have picked out. Love those comic boards as well. I have bought two packs and need to buy more now:P

  5. Sophia says it all! Isn't this why we quilt?

  6. Awesome, I love that snap of Sophia with her quilt, that's great! When you see someone love something you made, doesn't it just make you feel all warm and fuzzy? I haven't used variegated thread before, I'd love to read more about your experience. And as for your quilt-to-be, I like the prints with the solids, keep it the way you've got it!

  7. Awe, she's a cutie!

    And it looks like you've been busy. I'm starting to work on Christmas gifts as well. I plan to go to the gym today, for the first time in over a month. =( I need to work on more than just fabric and myself sounds like a good choice today. =)

  8. Awesomeness is a quilt well cuddled and used and it looks like this one is already!

    I saw the hexagon block on's so beautiful. But not as beautiful as Sophie in her princess outfit!

  9. Sophia's quilt is beautiful. So is Sophia, she seems to have a lot of personality. I always feel good when the recipient of my quilts like them. It seems that you have made her day, so you should very, very happy.

  10. Sophia quilt is very cute. And she obviously loves it. The stack of fabric for the next quilt is awesome and I really like the solids in there. So cool that you are in Fat Quarterly! But by far my most favorite is your Bee Hexed In block. Totally amazing!!!

  11. Now THAT is a well loved quilt!!!! So cute.

    I think I would keep the prints as it makes it more exciting.

    The countdown calendar is fabulous.

  12. My Sophia loves your Sophia's quilt! Purple is one of her favorite colors.

  13. Yes, her quilt is adorable and she loves it, that's what counts, right? Variegated thread can be weird - I like it best in swirly, free motion patterns...sometimes in straight lines it looks strange to suddenly have a colour change - is that what you didn't like about it?

    I loved your advent calendar in FQly! And your bee hexed in block is stunning. Well done!

  14. The little quilt is cute and your little daughter is adorable!

  15. TERRI! You did an awesome job on the quilt it looks perfect to me and you can see the love in Sophie!
    What amazing creations you have been making
    great job


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