Thursday, July 29, 2010

Party In Portland with Quilt Dad

This last Friday there was a class held by Heather Ross here in Portland. John from Quilt Dad had flew into town for the class as well as the chance to meet some locals. All of us gals jumped at the opportunity to meet John. We had a fantastic dinner and drinks in the pearl district, and had a blast getting to know each other.

It's always interesting to me seeing the world of sewing through someones else's eyes. John was no different. As he told us how he was introduced into Quilting as well as some adventures along the way. Talent was definitely not lacking at our little get together. John is also one of the faces behind Fat Quarterly which just released there second issue of the ezine.

We also had Mo Bedell who just had her first fabric release called Party Dress available at Hawthorne Threads. Then Monica from Happy Zombie also had her first release called Holiday Happy for Lecien. You can purchase her goodies over at Kerri's Shop, or take your chance at winning the collection on her blog.
Thank you sew much for the samples you brought to Monica they are super cute.

Violet Craft a Children's Boutique specialist now venturing out into the world of Fabric and will have her first collection for Michael Miller come out sometime in January. And Tracie from Hip Fabric not only sells fabric, but she has the cutest card wallets I have ever seen in her etsy handmade store.

Mo Bedell, Monica (Happy Zombie), John (Quilt Dad),  Me, Violet Craft, Tracie (Hip Fabric) taking the photo

I'm telling ya it felt good to get away and see my friends. Sometimes we all put to much time into unnecessary ventures that we forget to breath. All it takes is a little time for your self and some good friend to re-inspire you to keep on going.

Thank you to all of my friends for keeping me SEW inspired.

Who are you inspired by? Where did you learn to SEW? I would love to hear your stories as well.


  1. Oh man, what fun!! another great get together. I'm so bummed i missed HR - too many kid activities to attend to. I'm glad you guys got together - i bet you had a blast.

  2. That was the best night, best peeps ever, best convos, best food, best weather, best city (take that, Bakes). Wish you could have stayed longer. NEXT time, k. You know what... I think we were there for almost 4 hours!

  3. I'm so sad I missed out on meeting John! I have so many questions I want to ask him! It looks like everyone had a wonderful time.

  4. It looks and sounds like you all had a wonderful time.

  5. Looks like you guys had a blast! You can't go wrong with drinks in the Pearl with friends!

  6. i wish i could have been there!!! i'm sure you all had a blast considering the company!! :)

  7. Looks like a fun time for all!

  8. Oh wow....that looks like alot of fun....

  9. Nice to see the faces behind the blogs! Sounds like you had a nice get together.

  10. Fun gathering! I wish I could get out there one day.

    I'm inspired by and was taught at an early age by my mom. She taught me to hand-sew and every once in a while would let me on her Kenmore machine under supervision. I tended to just make Barbie clothes, and sometimes even little throw pillows and stuff for the Dream House. :) Now I'm happy to say that through learning on blogs and figuring things out for myself, I'm teaching her things! From handbags to quilts, I'm showing her a thing or two. Now if I could just figure out how to con her into doing a "Trip for 2 to Boston" pair of quilts with me, I'd be one happy little quilter!

  11. I can't believe I had to miss this, but at least it was a great camping trip. Looks like you gave Paragon some love again. Great photo!

  12. Hi there! i got my yummy ffa2 giveaway fat quarters from you yesterday so at the moment YOU arte inspiring me to sew!
    thanks again soooo much!

  13. That get-together must hve been so much fun!

  14. Looked like a GREAT Get-Together!
    My Mom sewed and at age 8, I made doll clothes and small things, mostly by hand and on her old singer. I had sewing classes in school, did well, but priorities were not focused on that subject. I had more important things to discover, I was a teenager ;)I have sewed on & off through the years making things for my home and family. Here lately & within the last 2'd have to pry me away from my machine! It was great popping in to meet you and I will visit again soon.
    Have a Great Week,


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