Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Costa twins Birthday Quilt Duo

Tomorrow is Sarah's little twins birthday party. After many attempts at different ideas, I decided to make them a quilt with all this Michael miller Goodness.

The top is done in 6 x 6 " Charms From Michael millers Ta Dots, and Gnomeville fabrics. The binding is Paula Prass Pebble Stone. This was the first quilt that I have actually finished complete in close 8 years. Yes that is true, I have started many but none are complete (smacks hand)
This was also the time for me to practice hand stitching the binding down. I used this tutorial mixed with a few others until I found what worked for me, and after picking out the machine stitches twice, I found the hand sewing to be much more relaxing.

Sewing is serious business in this house.

 R is for..... Ruby

L is for ...... Larkin

The backs of both quilts are identical

All washed and crinkly (my favorite part)

I hope they love them for a long time, Sophia sure will miss them when we move, and so will her mama.

Both Quilts were made in under 24 hours (now that's fast for me) Thank you hubby for watching the little one so that I could finish this gift.


  1. Oh my goodness, those are adorable! They will love those quilts.

  2. They are darling!! I just love the fabrics and the back is just as cute. I love the picture of Sophia, my girls loved to "irin" too!

  3. Those are beautiful and the back is awesome!

  4. Excellent! You are a wise woman to make them identical except for the initial.

  5. Those are adorable! I love that gnome fabric!

  6. The backing is the cutest!

  7. They are fantastic! And the backing!!!

  8. What great quilts! The backing is fantastic!

  9. Too sweet-the quilts and the heart that is gifting them!

  10. The quilts are great, I especially love the extra detail on the back :)

  11. LOVE those quilts!!
    Wanted to share that you're our featured tutorial of the week!

  12. Those are such cute quilts!! Love the picture of Sophie ironing her fabric!! :)


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