Thursday, November 12, 2009

I smell Christmas

Just a little show and tell for you all. The UPS man dropped off Sophia's Christmas dress today. I knew as soon as I saw it, that it fit her personality perfectly. I was so scared that if I waited to long they would all be gone. Well I was right two days later they were on sale and clearance out and you guess it.... gone!
I put it on her and felt a little tear in my eye. She is growing up so fast. She looks taller, more girl like instead of baby. She has a personality all her own with Independence that shines brighter everyday. All I can think is , she is all mine. God blessed our family big time when she came into our unorganized mixed up world. I love every second I get to spend with her. Isn't she just beautiful.
For those of you wondering we got the dress here.
When Christmas comes around, I look forward to the smallest of things. The glimmer in children's eyes with the thought of Santa coming to their house with something special. The smell of the Cinnamon pine cones when I stop by my local craft shop. The enormous amount of creativity that people spend all year on just for the beautiful reveal during the holidays.
Wishing all of you a perfect Holiday season.


  1. Isn't being a Mom the absolute best? There is no greater joy then to see your child grow and develop....she is beautiful :)


  2. She is precious. I can see how much you love that little bundle.

    Cute dress too!!!!!!

  3. what a sweet, precious little outfit!

  4. She is adorable and you are very lucky

  5. Hug her tight...I just registered out oldest for college and omgoodness...he was a little fellow not that long ago.

    I love her eyes! You are blessed!

  6. She reminds me of my daughter, who is now 14. It seems like yesterday she was just a baby! We are still very close and I enjoy every minute with her.

    Sophia is adorable!

  7. What a sweetie! Yes, our children are our blessings!

  8. what a great blog ;-) She is a beauty I love the dress! I found my girls dresses last year at khols after Christmas.. I should dig them out and make sure they will fit everyone! aren't little girls fun. Did you make her hair bow? I love it

  9. adorable dress!
    and Sophia is a sweetie ! There will be lots of squeals of delight on Christmas morning at our house...I love the delight in the eyes of children , still half asleep, then their eyes nearly pop out of their head when they spot their gifts under the tree!

  10. the dress is perfect for her! and you are right, don't blink!!


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