Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sunday Stash :: Buttons

Today's stash is the little button collection I have been staring at all day. I have been collecting large cute buttons for my carryall clutches in the shop. I just love to stare at them, some are recycled from clothing and some are new most of them I get here and here. But I love everyone of them the same. They give my carryall clutches each their very own personalities I think.

Sunday stash is hosted by 1/4 inch you can view every ones stash here in the flicker group.
Happy Sunday everyone, and have a safe Labor Day weekend.

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  1. I started my button stash this week. Finally bought some buttons for a craft now I have some to use for other projects. Just need a cute container now.

  2. I just love buttons, any kind, but especially unusual ones!

  3. I love buttons and have some from when I was a little girl, now those are some old buttons!!!

  4. What!!! You can put buttons on with your machine. that is not fair on so many levels. I want to go kick my lazy non-buttoning machine. boo. jealous.

  5. I have a button sewing function on my machine as well, but I'm not brave enough to try it! :D

    I love the clutch in the picture. Lovely fabric, which I happened to have purchased a 1/2 yard of the other day!


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