Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Special Delivery:: Mixed Media Art

I am beyond excited to introduce someone that I have met here in blog land. Someone who has not only brought some wonderful color into my families life, but smiles to my little Sophia's face as well.
I met Chrissie Grace through Julie over at Joy's Hope. Almost instantly I was in her shop picking out wonderful new prints for Sophia's room. We had just decided to go with an all color theme. Tons of bright colors everywhere in her room. No kid can grow out of every color you know.
I purchased 4 of her mixed media prints (3 shown) and took them down to Joann's fabrics to have them custom framed in bright colorful frames. Three weeks later here they are.
The frames turned out wonderful, matching the colors in each print so beautifully. I must admit I am honored to display these pieces of art in my daughters room. The messages are not only uplifting and positive but really give you a warm feeling in your heart. I cannot describe the feeling this simple purchase has brought into our lives, I can only suggest that you stop by her shop and grab some yourself.

This woman is heaven sent and a rare talent.
Thank you Chrissie Grace for bringing something so simple as a piece of art, to our family. We all live in bright colors here, and we have you to thank.

(Chrissie says) "I am inspired by the strength in women.
Our lives are never easy, never mundane. In the midst of chaos, there is always beauty and hope.
The women I paint represent the many women in my life who show strength, courage, humor, and resilency every day. There is a little (or a lot) of "She said" in all of us.
Affirmations and positive thinking are essential in all our lives, and I like to include a little of that in all of my work "


  1. Very cool.. I have never tried mixedia art.. I am kinda intimanated by it..

  2. Terri,
    You made me tear up!
    I'm so happy that these brought some inspiration and happiness into your home.
    They are beautifully framed!:)
    Chrissie Grace

  3. They are very beautiful! They will be lovely in your daughters room.

  4. Adorable, love those prints, I'm headed over to check it out. I love art quilts. Thanks for sharing.


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