Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Show an Tell :: My Swap Package

I almost forgot to share:: What's wrong with me. My wonderful F.R.I.E.N.D.S. swap package arrived from Naomi, all the way from Australia. As soon as I opened it stuff was being claimed. For instance my husband loves peach, so he took the peach chocolates. Sophia claimed the handmade doll that smelled divine, as well as the cute little purse. Naomi also sent Sophie some cute little hair things to.
Included in the package was

F:: Felted Bilby beautifully made and came with information about the animal to , and how it's unique to Australia.
R:: Ribbons to create more stuff with
I:: Indulge..... South Australian Choccies They were so yummy my husband devoured them.
E:: earrings Just beautiful (did you make these Naomi?)
N:: Novelty items ( referring to the block I think) The Aussie Exercise block, place the block on the floor and walk around it once in a circle. Then sit and watch TV knowing that you have been for a walk around the block!
D:: Doll made by Naomi the doll was scented and dyed with coffee vanilla and a mixed spice.
S:: Some things for Sophia, LOL Little purse and a cute little orange FQ for me.
Thank you Naomi I loved everything, and so did my family as you can see.


  1. That looks like so much to fun to open. How cool is that to get something from Austrailia? Love the walk around the block thing...too funny!

  2. I'm so pleased you liked it all Terri, you won't ever understand how nervous I was sending something over to someone as talented as you...I had sooo many more ideas of what to send, but didn't in case they weren't up to scratch lol How cute is the pic of Sophie with the doll.

    We'll still work something out for hubby with the chocolates! Tell him they also come in dark choc and yoghurt covered as well!



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