Thursday, July 16, 2009

What a find:: Weekend Sewing

Sorry about the low quality picture, Honestly I am tired and I didn't have the time to get a great shot. I am sure you have all been there, BUT LOOK...... See that book? It's the well sought after Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross. It has wonderful projects for all kinds of sewing, even stuff for beginners.
You will never guess where I found it.
Yep, Joann's of all places, I was actually looking to see if they had it so I could use a coupon ( I am such a cheapskate you know) I almost missed it cause it seems that the cover is a little different. I read an entry in her blog about her being on the Martha Stewart show again. So of course I followed the link (despite all the work I need to get done) and I saw how easily she does the child's smocked top dresses. So easy they are made. You know Sophia has to have one or two or three.
Anyway I better get back to sewing while she is asleep. Everyone grab your 50% off Joann's coupons and go get this book. You wont be sorry.


  1. Looks great - thanks for the links! K

  2. Have my coupon and will be picking it up tomorrow! Thanks

  3. No JoAnns here in American Samoa but I do love the items you got...

  4. You have such a nice blog and your fabric collection is so colorful and full of variety.

  5. Doncha just love those JoAnn coupons? I always use them on books, it seems the best deal.
    I do believe Sophia is the best dressed little girl around.

  6. Ugg I was just there (we just had coupon comotion at my Joann's). Oh well this is just another excuse to go what section did you find this book?

  7. I am LOVING this book! I actually just completed this weekend and am currently wearing the summer blouse. It was really a simple project and a lot of fun. I am thinking about the smocked sundress for my neice and maybe one for me (her blog has the adult pattern). Have fun!


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