Wednesday, July 1, 2009 Winner

Thanks everyone for all the wonderful comments. My little random generator picked out a lucky winner. We did it a little different this time and just put every one's comments in a jar. Then I let miss Sophia pick the winner. (she liked that part)

The winner of half our winnings at is Ashley. Congratulations Ashley you win a yard of your choice from Or 2 half yards... YAY!! I will email you tonight for your contact info.

BUT WAIT....... There is more!

Today someone from saw the giveaway on my blog, and read all of your wonderful comments as well. They have offered a little bonus for you all. So we picked 2 more winners who get to choose a half yard of what they want as well.

the other winners are.....

yay! Kelly and Nancy:: I will email you as well to get your half yard choice and address.

How cool is that for them to add to the fun. I hope that everyone got the chance to check out the shop over at There shipping is the fastest and if you Place an order over 50.00 the shipping is FREE!!.

Thanks again everyone, and congrats to our 3 lucky winners.


  1. what a cute random number generator you have, congrats to the winners.

  2. Wow!!!! Yay!!!!
    Thank you!!!!!
    Do the exclamation marks help you to see how excited I am!!!!
    I have emailed you my choice--I soooo appreciate it!

  3. I too love your random number generator. She is too cute!

  4. Congrats to the winners and how very generous of the company to offer more prizes! I was impressed with their selection and I've bookmarked their site.

    Thanks for the pointer,

  5. Yippee for the winners, but you are the real winner with that darling little Sophia!! She is just tooooo sweet for words!!

  6. What a CUTIE pie drawing the names so nicely for you. (I think my kids at that age would have been angry with me when I tried to take the paper out of their hands if I'd let them do something like that...and the papers would have gotten ripped in the process!!! Sophia is much more ladylike, it appears! LOL)

  7. Your random number generator is such a cutie! And yay! I'm thrilled to have won! I'll have to see if I can find your email address so I can send you my address... thanks so much!

  8. The "selector" is the cutest!!!!

  9. Oh my word your little one is darling! And she must be charmed for picking my name. Thanks little random generator! I sent you an e-mail with me info. If you don't get it let me know. Thanks again.

  10. Miss Sophia is adorable! Congrats to your winners, and thanks for the giveaway.

  11. Congratulations to the winners!,especially to Nancy, she's my daughter!!! Your daughter is darling.

  12. That was so nice of them to do. Lucky girls.


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