Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Put on your thinking Caps

So it's official, I have entered the world of swapping and I love it!! Not only do I get to meet tons of wonderful people, but I get lovely treasures in the mail. It's like Christmas every time.
I am thinking about hosting another swap for the summer possibly early july-ish. I have a few great ideas, but I wanted to hear from all of you first on what you might like to do.
If you were to join a swap, what kind would it be? What kind of time frame should there be? If everyone could give me some ideas, I will decide on one and start it up next month. If you were in the last one you already know I can be full of surprises. he he he......


  1. Swaps are a lot of fun! Right now I am involved in 2 and they are fun.

  2. I love swaps because I know the person receiving my package will appreciate it. I've been toying with the idea of a swap for sewers, quilters and crafters where we swap anything but fabric. Tools, embellishments, ribbons, lace, organizing gadgets, etc. Or for those who may not sew the concept would be to swap anything but the most used item for their craft. For example if you scrapbook you couldn't get paper. If you choose my idea, I'll help coordinate it.

  3. I loved the last swap...I am useless at conjuring up a theme,,but I do know that it is nice to have a month from sign-up to sending ...will check back to see what the verdict is !
    Cheers, PJ

  4. I have never done a swap.... but would LOVE to. I think there should be time to sign up, then a two week time frame to send the item???? Count me in whenever you decide! Barb

  5. I just joined a vintage sheet swap should be fun. I have been wanting to collect a few fat quarters so this is a great way.

    The friends swap I thought was a great idea.

  6. I was involved in your Kitchen Swap and had so much fun that I joined a few other swaps...both on Google Blogging and on I am planning on staying in touch w/the person I had as my swap partner, and am enjoying making new friends this way.
    I love Sweet P's idea of a swap...I'd definitely be in on something like that. But any kind of a swap is great. Maybe even do a themed swap...Summer at the Beach, Tropical, Wildlife, Everything Vintage, etc, etc. There's a lot of great ideas out there!
    I agree with millymollymandy loves to quilt about having at least a month between signing up/paired with a partner and ending of swap/deadline to ship.

  7. I adore swaps, but I like to swap blocks, or fabric, having to make something for someone makes me nervous, I am so afraid my item will not be up to par as to what they send me. But that is just my 2 cents, for what it is worth!!


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