Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sunday Stash:: Sorting

I had the chance this morning to check out a few garage sales, and estate sales that I saw go up on Friday. I have been dying to get out of the house and see some. Well today Mr. Fantastic watched Sophie, so I could go. (so long as I promised to bring back lunch of course)
I didn't find much today, but I won't let it get me down. The summer has just started here, and we have lots to see still. I did come across these tall rectangular jars. I brought them home and put buttons and thread in them. I only wanted them to sit and look pretty while they held my notions.
Then my dear husband says... "you know those are for spaghetti right" Ha ha obviously he is not a crafter. I told him to think outside the box a little. (he is learning)

And here is my recent order from you know who. My all time favorite shop Fabric Supplies on Etsy. They are by far the best online shop I have ever used and I keep going back still to this day. You all should go check out Charlie and Lindsey's shop and pick up something nice for yourself. Tell them I sent ya, and you couldn't resist the urge. LOL


  1. cant wait to see who won!!! you have so many entries to go through

  2. I love the jars...see-through so you can determine what's inside...and since they're square, they can sit close to each other to conserve space...
    I think I need some of those!! Take care ~Natalie

  3. this is a excellent way to store sewing stuff...i have several of these jars empty on my kitchen counter

  4. I love those jars and I miss garage selling, I so want to here in Samoa tho....

  5. Those are nice, and what an idea. Perhaps if I get too many things to fit in my sewing box then I might have to expand. :)


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