Friday, May 15, 2009

New Business Cards::

I just confirmed my order for new Business cards. I never really announced it, but I changed my Etsy store name to match my blog. Name recognition is key for Etsy as well as the whole crafting community. You are represented by a tiny icon, and when people see that icon they know what to expect. I hope that my icon shows quality, as well as creativity.
So what do you all think? If your interested in knowing where I had my logo created just email me. The guy does great work and it's always a one of a kind design to whoever orders from him.
I almost forgot to tell you what I went with for the back. Sure it's a little extra, but I wanted a reason for someone to want to keep my business card. I would hate to know that they went into a garbage can. So I put a tip chart on the back. easily accessible from your wallet when you are unsure what to tip your fabulous waitress.


  1. I love it Terri! Sew brilliant! The little birdie is so cute. I had a hard time picking mine too - something not too pretty, but also very me...
    Best wishes,

  2. You are so right, name recognition is very important. Your cards are very nice, the Blue Bird draws your eye immediately. Good Luck

  3. Your card looks fantastic! Pretty and simple!

  4. Thank you everyone. I kept telling myself no but it worked I ended up liking it.

  5. I like your new look, and the tip chart is a fabulous idea...I hate doing that math in my head!! Have a great weekend. Take care ~Natalie

  6. Aren't you going and getting all spiffy on us! Love how everything coordinates! Great card!

  7. It is a great investment! Great card, loved the design, Congratulations and I wish you have lots of success!!!!


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